Republicans antics and the new satanic panic

Douglas Newhouse, Writer

If anyone has been following Marjorie Taylor Green’s antics in congress from calling President Joe Biden a liar during his state of the union address to her strong beliefs in q-anon conspiracy theories. One should note that some of the people that elected her share the same beliefs.

Those new to observing the alt-right, QAnon is a political movement based on the conspiracy that the left elite engages in satanic rituals which involves “human sacrifices of children”, “cannibalism”, and “conspires against Trump” who is viewed as a messianic figure.

Qanon originated as possible troll postings on 4chan. The alt-right ran with it and accepted it as fact and that “followers of Q” waited in Dallas, Texas for “the return of JFK.” They  also believe that the 2020 election was stolen and there is “a Jewish laser in space that started the forest fires in Cali!” which was touted by the infamous Marjorie Taylor Green according to an article from the New York magazine.

Qanon beliefs can be linked to some sects of Evangelicalism which includes other fringe christian religious movements which are the Americanized and charismatic off shoots of Christianity. Their beliefs range from young earth theory (earth is 5,000 years old) to the rapture which is a relatively new religious movement which goes back to the turn of the 19th century. Rapture theology states we are living in the end times and that “the lord is coming soon.”  Some believe that the occult and even Satan himself possesses modern day performance artists “to bring down Christian values” and to “destroy America and the world” both are considered “signs of the times” a colloquialism in the community for the end of the world.

Now that the portrait has been made, after the performance at the Grammy’s by the non-binary artist Sam Smith and Trans artist Kim Petra and their set “Unholy” Conservatives were up in arms about it being “a satanic display” and “that demons are teaching our children” according to fox news.

So now stage is set for the Superbowl 57 halftime show. It was a good performance by Rihanna considering her  special guest was a baby bump.

Not even a day later, an article claiming that the halftime show was a satanic ritual symbolized by Rihanna wearing scarlet and that her and some dancers descending on platforms were symbolic of fallen angels. This was found on a fringe and non-satirical website: which goes into great details about the “end times”  Preceding this  were speculations by alt-right pundits that Rihanna’s performance would be the continuation of the so called, ”satanic ritual” from the Grammy awards according to Newsweek which referenced some tweets.

By the logic used to conclude the halftime performance was satanic, it could also be said that the dancers in white symbolized “sperm cells” and their “wriggling” towards Rihanna dressed in red was symbolic of the process of cellular fertilization and the whole performance really was an elaborate pregnancy reveal.

The reality is all forms of are art are non-quantifiable which for centuries has made art so profound and mysterious. Art invokes different feelings in different people, and it will remain that way. So next time when a performance artist does an eccentric set just remember that modern art cannot be measured, it can only be felt.