Rethink any negative thoughts of media


Josh Mounts

Media has been in hot water over the past years, and that should not be news to anyone.

The term “fake news” has been thrown around more in the past four years than ever before, and that is causing those in the media to be looked down at by society.

With the changing age of technology, media has found itself in a difficult place. It is now easier than ever before to post and spread stories.
Unfortunately, not all these stories being spread are true.

There are now more “sources” of news or media than ever before and, as mentioned before, not all these sources are trustworthy or credible.
Even the networks that people have known, loved and trusted for years now are being blamed for spreading this “fake news”.

Government officials in our own country have become the key players in defaming media outlets, which has resulted in the media being labeled as “the enemy of the people” by some.

The combination of untrustworthy news coming to people’s ears or eyes as well as the fact that individuals with a wide media presence bash the media, has resulted in this trend of relative distrust in the news.

It’s the press’ job, though, to cover things for the public’s eyes.

It doesn’t necessarily matter if the story is happy or not, the press’ job is to cover things so that the public knows exactly what’s going on around them.

People don’t get the ability to catch everything that happens in the country firsthand, which is one of the many benefits of having a wide-reaching national news system.

But when the source of society’s information and education on what’s going on is put in jeopardy, that is a major issue.
It almost seems that people aren’t fully seeing the problems with the fact that the press is being put under so much criticism by high-ranking officials.

A huge role that the press serves is to report on the government’s doings, right and wrong.
By silencing the press, the voice of the people is effectively silenced.

No matter what side people are on about certain issues, political or what have you, the press is an important part of our nation as a whole.
Without the press, the government can do whatever they want without anyone to report on it for the people to see, hear or learn about.

If that were the case, it doesn’t make a difference who you are or what you believe in, that is not what we as Americans should want.

The freedom of the press is in the First Amendment of the Constitution for a reason, and this negative light that’s being shone on the press is putting that freedom in jeopardy.

The freedoms that are declared in the First Amendment should never be even considered for censoring.