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Independent Student Newspaper of UW Oshkosh Campuses

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Independent Student Newspaper of UW Oshkosh Campuses

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Tony’s Tune Recommendations

Tony Balboa, Writer September 27, 2023

I love music of any kind and for a good reason. As far back as I recall, music has always been in my life. Whether it’s listening to Al Green on an iPod with my dad or playing “Grand Theft Auto”...

Advance Titan File Photo / “Human beings are deeply social and tend to reciprocate in conversation. If you share something meaningful and important, you are
likely to get something meaningful and important exchanged in return, leading to a considerably better conversation,” said Nicholas
Epley, Ph.D., a professor of behavioral science at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Oversharing with strangers

Aubrie Selsmeyer, Opinion Editor September 27, 2023

If you’ve found yourself having to digress from spilling the ins-and-outs of your entire life to a complete stranger, there happens to be logic behind this feeling. We, as humans, tend to tell strangers...

DEI defunding violates human rights

Aubrie Selsmeyer, Opinion Editor September 27, 2023

GOP Speaker of Assembly Robin Voss is withholding $32 million in funds to UW System schools in an inhumane effort to abolish diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs across the board. The push...

A Letter to DJ Khaled

Jacob Link, Co-Sports Editor September 27, 2023

Dear Mr. DJ Khaled, Major Key Alert! Me, my colleagues at the Advance-Titan and the entire UW Oshkosh student body wish to invite you to the annual By-Gosh Fest this upcoming May. You attending the...

Pick your fantasy football team wisely

Mattie Beck, Arts & Entertainment Editor September 21, 2023

When the month of Sept. hits, the thing I hear most about from my boyfriend is the amount of fantasy football leagues he is in, what players are important to him and how he is doing in said league. The...

Do doctors actually care about us?

Aubrie Selsmeyer, Opinion Editor September 20, 2023

Do doctors and healthcare providers actually care about our well-being… or are they just being paid to pretend? I found myself asking this question as I sat twiddling my thumbs in a sterilized room...

Aubrie cuddles up to her beloved puppy Gus.

Think before you get a dog in college…or don’t

Aubrie Selsmeyer, Opinion Editor September 13, 2023

College kids have to be out of their minds to think that owning a dog while in college is a good idea. I guess I’m out of my mind.  It hit me this summer that, once again, I would have to leave...

UWO is facing an $18 million budget deficit, furloughs and layoffs. Faculty and staff are struggling with the decisions university officials must make.

Moving Forward at UWO

UWO Staff & Faculty September 13, 2023

Editor’s Note: This is a submission from 11 UWO faculty and staff.   Chancellor Andrew Leavitt made a surprise announcement toward the end of summer: UW Oshkosh does not have enough money...

Are we dumbing it down?

Kelly Hueckman, Managing Editor September 13, 2023

Almost inarguably, technology is getting smarter. AI can write essays, the TikTok algorithm knows us better than we know ourselves and our word processors are suggesting the next parts of our sentences...

The Superhero Burnout

Tony Balboa, Writer September 13, 2023

There’s a term being thrown out a lot these days. It’s a term used to describe the overabundance of superhero movies and often it is used in a negative manner.  The term I am referring to is “superhero...

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