Let’s get this ‘Bread for Breakfast’

Ethan Uslabar, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The Appleton-based band Nosebleeds announced their next album is in the works, detailed their history of playing together and how they came to be a part of the Fox Valley music scene.

The three hung out together in high school and eventually ended up jamming together, but prior to that, it had just been Paul St. Aubin and Michael Lynaugh playing as a duo. The title of that group?

“Absurd as it is, ‘Precipitous Maximus Troposphere Cumulonimbus’ was our unofficial name,” Lynaugh said. “We also were under the name ‘Aisle 12’ for a while, and we released a track called ‘There’s Something In My Eye’ that we recorded with the microphone for Guitar Hero.”

When Ratajzcak started playing with the group, the three would play frequently in St. Aubin’s garage.

“We’d play the same dumb riff for like an hour straight basically,” Lynaugh said. “But we’d never officially write anything.”

“Then we kind of wanted to take it seriously, so Nosebleeds just happened then,” St. Aubin said. “That was early 2017 or so.”

The group would get together for jam sessions regularly, usually at least twice a week, and just play.

“At first we were practicing a lot and writing a lot of stuff in general,” Ratajzcak said. “We wrote one song, and then we kind of caught the itch of being like ‘Oh my gosh, this is fun. We need to do this more.”

“We were thinking we’d only have a couple songs,” Lynaugh said, “but we just kept writing more and more.”

The group has grown a lot since the early days of their playing together. Like many artists, they feel conflicted looking back to their earlier work.

“Yeah, it’s not that I’m not proud of our earlier music, but I’ve listened to it a lot and we’re forever growing, and I’m much more proud of what we’re making now, and I’ll probably say that again a year from now,” St. Aubin said.

The band’s music comes to them in pieces, and they’ll use whatever they can as a jumping-off point for a song and build it from there.

“The sort of vanilla, typical way it happens is one of these two will have a riff and be like ‘This is awesome’ and then we’ll just flesh it out and jam it,” St. Aubin said.

Taking inspiration from bands like ‘Mom Jeans,’ ‘Modern Baseball’ and ‘Tiny Moving Parts,’ Nosebleeds hopes their music provides a feeling the listener can connect to.

“Most of our songs are about an experience in a relationship we’ve had or been connected to,” St. Aubin said. “It’s just stuff that hits us emotionally, whether that be family stuff or bad relationships or good relationships.”

“Yeah, instead of actually talking about it to somebody, we just bottle it up into songs,” Lynaugh joked. “But being able to produce sonically what you’re feeling internally is huge; that really makes the song.”

Similar to many artists and groups, the Nosebleeds got their first taste of exposure by chance after a run in at a local show.

“I went to one of Brady Laflen’s shows—he used to host shows at his house, in the garage—and just from that we kind of connected a bit, and something came about where he was like ‘I heard you’re in a band, you should play a show,’ St. Aubin said. “It was October, so it was like a Halloween show at Brady’s garage, so we were all dressed in costumes and stuff, and that was our first show. It was a lot of fun.”

From there, the band got another chance to play a show at a bar in Green Bay.
“We haven’t gotten any less awkward,” St. Aubin said. “But we have gotten better at playing. I think we’ve grown as musicians.”

They’ve also grown in their recording skills. The Guitar Hero microphone was phased out long ago. Recently, they released a highly polished track titled “Bread for Breakfast 2.0,” which is a reprise of their first-ever song, “Bread for Breakfast.”

“‘Bread for Breakfast’ was our first song, and I think we weren’t super comfortable sharing a lot at that point, so that was kind of like a love song, but about nothing and nobody basically,” Lynaugh said. “It’s kind of just about the feeling of going on a first date.”

“Bread for Breakfast 2.0” is a taste of the well-orchestrated approach the band is taking to their upcoming album “Field Experience,” which will be released this winter.