Earn prizes when you join the new Titan Movement Club

Quarantine has done its fair share of damage to both the mental and physical health of almost every individual of every age and background.

We’ve endured gym closings, stress-eating, laziness, lack of motivation and the list goes on.

With the introduction of some new activities and events, the UW Oshkosh Student Recreation and Wellness Center aims to help students get back on their feet and continue to maintain healthy, active lifestyles as COVID-19 continues.

The SRWC has announced a new virtual space called the Titan Movement Club, designed to help students stay active, have an outlet for positivity and encouragement, and be given the chance to win prizes. The SRWC has already given out Blender Bottles to ten random participants just for joining the club.

The free program uses the activity tracking app Strava to track progress and conquer weekly challenges. Strava allows you to manually enter and record activity either connected to a smartwatch or simply using a phone.

In fact, the Week 1 Movement Challenge starts this week. By completing the challenge by Sunday, Feb. 21, participants are entered to win an SRWC meal storage container.
To enter the challenge, all you have to do is post any two activities, such as weightlifting or cardio, to the Titan Movement Club Strava Page. Activities that you log in Strava will automatically get posted onto the Titan Movement Club page.
On the homepage of the TMC club, Strava automatically generates a “Leaderboard” that only counts activities involving jogging, biking or swimming. For the purposes of the club, staff will be focusing only on the “Recent Activity” board, which includes all types of movement, to track activities and award prizes.

The Week 1 challenge will be the easiest movement challenge and is designed mainly to get students familiarized with the Strava page.
In addition to logging your own activity, the SRWC encourages you to give support to other students and comment on their activities. Workout photos taken in the app are also encouraged.
Once signed up, you can expect to receive an update every Monday revealing the next weekly challenge. Many of the upcoming weekly challenges won’t even require you to complete them at the SRWC.

For more information regarding the Titan Movement Club, check your school email for recent messages from the SRWC or reach out to them at (920) 424-1245 or .

Otherwise, if you’re looking for a fun weekend activity or something to train for this Spring, the SRWC is also hosting a “Row-Ride-Run” Indoor Triathlon on Saturday, March 13 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

In groups of four, racers will compete at three different stations with the objective being traveling the furthest distance in the allotted time.

Participants will control their own distance and pace, doing about 10 minutes of rowing on machines, 30 minutes of biking using stationary bikes, and 20 minutes of running using the indoor track.
Titan Movement Club members can participate in this event to complete the Week 4 Challenge, but Week 4 will have additional options to complete that week’s challenge if you are not interested in the triathlon.

This event is limited in space, allowing only 40 people max, so if you are interested, be sure to sign up online right away. Registration begins Monday, Feb. 8 and ends Thursday, March 11.