UWO students’ favorite quarantine snacks

Cassidy Kennedy, Staff Writer

COVID-19 has put a lot of stress and time on students’ hands during quarantine, which has led many of them to develop new snacking habits over the duration of quarantine.

Meghan with the chocolate covered almonds with coconut

When asked what their personal favorite quarantine snack was, UW-Oshkosh students responded with a variety of different foods and flavors.

Junior Kelsey Nushardt said her favorite quarantine snack would have to be Skinny Pop Popcorn because she could snack on it while she was in her virtual classes and wouldn’t have to worry about leaving a mess.

“I really like Skinny Pop Popcorn because of its name and it makes me feel healthy,” Nushardt said.

Junior Meghan Retzlaff said her favorite quarantine snack is chocolate-covered almonds with coconut.

Retzlaff said they were a good comfort-food and that she likes eating them as a late night snack before bed.

“A little chocolate a day keeps the doctor away,” Retzlaff said.

Aaron with the Dots pretzels

Aaron Dorsey, a senior at UWO, said his favorite quarantine snack would have to be the famous Dots Pretzels southwest flavor because they are great for a quick snack for whenever he’s watching YouTube or Netflix because they aren’t messy like normal chips.

“I eat these pretzels all the time, and they just taste so good,” Dorsey said. “I can’t stop eating them.”

Senior Joe Kotz said his favorite quarantine snack would have to be deep-fried Oreos.

“I’m not a very snacky person to be honest,” Kotz said.

Kotz said he and his roommate tried making deep-fried Oreos a few times because they were bored and stuck in their house hungry.

Sophomore Natalie Walker said her favorite quarantine snack would have to be the Little Bites chocolate chip muffins.

“I really like these as a snack because they taste so good and are bite-sized happiness,” Walker said.