Old fashion trends make a comeback

Mattie Beck, Staff Writer

When quarantine hit and people were forced into a time of uncertainty, some started looking back on decades where life was more rock and roll.

Looking at fashion, social media and streaming services, one can notice that the popularity in trends from past decades has made a comeback in today’s world.

The nostalgia for a time and place that some generations never lived came to life through fashion and media.

From mom jeans to “Back to the Future,” there was a huge spike in content previously seen throughout the months of lockdown.

So where exactly did this newfound love of previous trends come from?

The answer is one that many speculate on, but come to the main conclusion that it is purely based on nostalgia and yearning to live in a time people believe was more appealing.

Andrew Smock, radio/TV/film department chair, gave his own insight on the subject.

“Some people are drawn to TV shows and movies as a means of trying to understand past decades,” Smock said.

This is certainly true for many individuals as, for some, television is one of the best resources to explore past decades.

It’s a way to find out how life was lived, how families interact and even how students coped through their own dilemmas.

Along with that, there was another factor of seeking out old media due to the pandemic halting productions of any new content.

“The release of new content has been significantly hindered by COVID,” Smock said. “People are looking for something different to watch. That might mean re-watching something they haven’t seen in years, or discovering something they’ve never watched from a decade gone by.”

Smock makes the point that with no new content being released, it became time to take a trip to the past.

When looking back to movies for discovering new content, many people found the fashion standards of these decades appealing and trendy.

Most take inspiration from what they observe in media they enjoy, which is exactly why these trends are coming back into style.

From Cher’s iconic outfits in “Clueless” and all the outfits found in “The Breakfast Club,” many trends from past decades have been repurposed into today’s society and styles.

From fashion trends to movies and television, quarantine brought people together to look back on a time when life seemed simpler and groovier through the magic of television and movies.