UWO celebrates winter carnival

Cassidy Kennedy, Staff Writer

Courtesy of Hannah Osborn // Alpha Xi Delta and Sigma Pi ice-sculpting a boot to represent their theme of Country USA.

From March 5 through 11, all of the resident halls, fraternities and sororities were eager to compete this year in a variety of activities for the annual winter carnival.

Winter carnival’s 2021 theme was traditions that represent the 150 year anniversary of the University of Oshkosh, and could include themes like Country USA, EAA, Miss Oshkosh Pageant, Rock USA and Oshkosh B’Gosh Fest.

The first event was on Friday, March 5, and included ice sculpture-making corresponding to the theme of an organization’s choice.

The next event was on Sunday, March 7, and included a penny war contest where pennies earn points for the teams and any other coin loses points.

On Monday, March 8, the banners for each organization’s themes were due, and a scavenger hunt around campus took place as well.

Emily Carlson from Alpha Xi Delta said that her favorite winter carnival event was the scavenger hunt.

“It was so nice outside and I got to learn about the different buildings on campus,” she said. “For example, I learned that we had a planetarium!”

Marble races, a competition in which teams raced against one another to keep a marble on a pool noodle while passing it to the next person in their group, were on Tuesday, March 9.

On Wednesday, March 10, there was a human battleship event where teams face one another as human battleships.

The last day of winter carnival is Thursday, March 11, and on this day, winners of the penny war contest will be announced and an awards ceremony will occur later that night following the virtual comedian.