Sick vibes for spring

Carter Uslabar, Editor in Chief

Spring. It’s in. In what? Everything. Mostly the air, but you can feel it everywhere. You can feel it in the smiling faces walking down the sidewalk, in people’s shoulders, no longer shrinking from the oppressive cold of winter, and the frat guys’ socks/sandals combo, as clear a sign of spring as flowers blooming. This week’s picks are complementary to all the aforementioned signs of spring. They aren’t sad; they’re not anything to get worked up about; they’re strictly vibes.

Beginning with the French psych-rock group La Femme’s latest album “Paradigmes,” “Foutre le bordel” is a high-energy road-tripping song that will make your head bob with unequivocal pleasure.

Moving down the line, we come to Vulfpeck’s “Cory Wong,” featuring no other than Cory Wong, of course. This song’s guitar riffing is exceedingly delightful — after all, ‘Vulfpeck’ is an anagram for ‘pure vibes.’ Just kidding. But only kidding a little.

“Pays Imaginaire” is a song so peaceful and sweet, with a bouncing beat and gentle vocals, it could lure a Siren to her demise.

“Am I High Rn?” beautifully combines its many features. Beginning with a heavenly sounding organ riff before transitioning to a pop-rap song, Quinn XCII and blackbear truly bridge the sacred and the profane with this track.

The level to which bo en’s “sometimes” is underrated is plainly criminal. This song has a paltry 2 million listens on Spotify, far less than is deserved by a song which is the sonic equivalent of waking up fully energized.

So go ahead. Listen, breathe in the warm scent of thawing soil and nod your head. Before we know it, we’ll be complaining about the heat, so let’s enjoy this while we can.

Foutre le bordel
La Femme

Cory Wong
The Beautiful Game

Pays Imaginaire
Polo & Pan

Am I High Rn?
Quinn XCII (ft. blackbear)
A Letter to My Younger Self

bo en