UWO students are excited for summer

Cassidy Kennedy, Staff Writer

UWO students are getting excited for this summer, and with only about two weeks left, they are in the home stretch.

Summer for college students means seeing family, spending time with friends, traveling, working a summer job or internship and relaxing.

However, many college students missed out on these great opportunities last summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic changing their plans and not allowing them to do so.

When asked what they were most excited about this summer, UW Oshkosh students responded with a variety of fun activities.

Senior Brynn Connelly said she is excited to spend her first summer with her dog Dixie and getting to take her on many walks outside.

“I also really need to start focusing on developing my career as a future teacher while still being able to have time for myself,” Connelly said.

Senior Diquan Reese said he is most excited to go on vacation with his girlfriend this summer and getting to spend a lot of time with her.

“I’m also ready to enjoy some good weather after all these cold months,” Reese said.

Junior Lexi Langendorf said she is eager to spend her time outside in the warm weather while tanning by her parents’ pool and studying for the LSAT.

“I’ve also loved going hiking lately with my family, so I’m sure we will explore lots of new parks and trails this summer,” Langendorf said.

Senior Grant Hunter said online learning has been exhausting and he is ready to relax this summer.

“I really want to travel around the state or county with a small group of my vaccinated friends,” said Hunter.

Freshman Lauren Kluge said she is super excited to see her high school friends because she hasn’t seen them in a while since they all go to different colleges.

“I am also excited to spend time with my family and not have to worry about all the stress with schoolwork,” Kluge said.

Freshman Mattie Beck said she is excited to go up to Madeline Island with her friends since they are all vaccinated and they’re hyped to go cliff jumping, shopping and biking around the island.

“I am also excited for my birthday, as last year for COVID I didn’t really get to do anything and this year I can at least have a small gathering,” Beck said.

Junior Jackie Goldman said she and her boyfriend are most excited about adopting a rehomed French bulldog this summer.

“I can’t wait to see his bond with my current French bulldog Mila and to go many places with them,” Goldman said.

Junior Kirsta Ann said she is excited to spend time with her friends this summer and knows that everyone’s schedules are busy, but that will mean they will all have to set time aside to relax.

“I also recently started longboarding so I can’t wait to go riding at Menominee Park,” Ann said.