How to handle stress

Kylie Balk-Yaatenen, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Fall is approaching and with the changing of the colors on the trees, it also brings the beginning of the school year and loads of stress.

College students can expect to be stressed out or overwhelmed in some way. Stress is inevitable, but luckily there are ways you can combat the semester’s anxieties.

Understanding what is creating the stress
Many students have a hard time picking out what is making them stressed.
It becomes much easier to find solutions once you determine the cause of your stress, whether it be homework, exams or something else.

The benefits of journaling, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center, are that it helps people prioritize problems, fears and concerns.

When journaling, people can track any symptoms day-to-day, helping them recognize the triggers and learn ways to better control them.

Journaling can also provide a space for positive self-talk and to vent about what is happening.

According to the Medical News Today website, aromatherapy has benefits like reducing anxiety, agitation, stress and depression.

An article published by Johns Hopkins Medical School about the benefits of essential oil said that aromatherapy has been linked to stress relief because when the oils are inhaled, the scent molecules travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain which especially impacts the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain, and can produce a calming feeling.

However, aromatherapy is considered complementary therapy. It is not to be used as a cure for diseases, rashes or illnesses, but it can be used to help with anxiety and stress relief.

The Counseling Center
Students at UW Oshkosh are fortunate enough to have access to counseling and many other amenities that the center provides.

The Counseling Center website provides information on available resources such as animal-assisted therapy, guidance, the Just Breathe Room, outreach and involvement opportunities and the Rejuvenation Room.

It’s hard to be a student — with the pandemic and everything going on in the world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but remember that you aren’t alone.

Me Time
All in all, the most important part is to be gentle with yourself.

It’s easy to stress about what can’t be controlled or assignments that need to get done, but you need to also find time to give yourself a break.

Whether that be journaling, taking a walk or mediating, finding time for yourself is the most important way to handle stress.

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