Titanic carries connection to WI

Mattie Beck, Staff Writer

The Oshkosh Public Museum’s exhibit is currently a look at the Titanic, more specifically, a look at how the Titanic carries a connection to Wisconsin.

The exhibit Titanic: The Wisconsin Connection, runs through Oct. 13, and is perfect for history lovers to check out.

A feature of the exhibit is a look into the 20 passengers from Wisconsin and their stories.

Courtesy of Arshales Peterson
The Titanic exhibit explores 20 passengers and their stories.

It is always interesting to learn about people and their stories from big events in history, and this is exactly what the Oshkosh Public Museum is showcasing with this exhibit. It’s telling the stories of people who came directly from the state itself.

There are also many artifacts that were found from the Titanic itself that have descriptions telling their stories as well.

According to the Oshkosh Public Museum’s exhibition website, over 100 recently discovered relics are a part of the exhibit, some of them being shown for the first time at Oshkosh.

The website also states how the exhibit was specifically developed by the Experimental Media Group for the Oshkosh Public Museum.

Previously when Titanic exhibits were held at the museum, they focused on the broader spectrum of the tragic event. This new exhibition focuses directly on those from Wisconsin and their stories on the Titanic and its voyage.

Titanic: The Wisconsin Connection is an absorbing exhibit that displays the stories of passengers from right here in Wisconsin, and also shows artifacts from the disastrous event.

The exhibit runs through Oct. 13, and tickets are on sale on the Oshkosh Public Museum’s website or at the door.