Damien Davis exhibit full of expression

Mattie Beck, Staff Writer

The Allen Priebe Art Gallery has a new exhibit, “Damien Davis: That John Henry Thing” and it is one that is full of expression.
Damien Davis, a New York-based artist that was raised in Phoenix, Arizona, uses his unique style to express blackness and a variety of cultures.

Mattie Beck / The Advance-Titan

The artwork is unique with different materials being utilized to make up the pieces.

The main parts of the different pieces are made from wood, all of different colors and patterns to make up a masterpiece.

What also makes these pieces different from others is that they are interactive, with the wood pieces making up gears.

When viewing the pieces, you can gently shift the gears to change their appearance, and warp them into something different.

Along with gears, there are wood elements that form different icons to represent different parts of culture. This is exactly what Davis wants with his work: to represent the different cultures from different places.

Davis’s work has appeared all over the globe, in places such as the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the METHOD Gallery in Seattle, and even the Fondazione Biagiotti Progetto Arte in Italy.

For education, Davis holds a BFA in studio art and a MA in visual arts administration from New York University.

Davis has been awarded the Rema Hort Mann Foundation Community Engagement Grant and is the current advisor for the art and law program at Purchase State University of New York.

His exhibit will be at the Allen Priebe Gallery through Oct. 28.