Alphabet in the Annex

Kelly Hueckman, Staff Writer

Located on the second floor of the Arts and Communication Center, the UW-Oshkosh Annex gallery is showcasing yet another artistic gem.
The latest exhibit, titled “New Work from the Vox Populi Print Collective,” is currently on display until Oct. 28.

Mattie Beck / Advance Titan
The Vox Populi Print Collective is a group that shares its work in galleries across the nation and internationally.

Prints featured in the exhibit mostly fall into a single portfolio, titled “The Devil’s Dictionary,” which was inspired by American Civil War soldier, journalist and writer, Ambrose Bierce.

The portfolio was formed by 26 artists, each of which were assigned a letter of the alphabet that they could interpret in any way they wanted as they captured the essence of Bierce’s writing.

One of the prints in the portfolio was even created by UW Oshkosh printmaking professor, Gail Panske, who was assigned the letter “A.”
The collection of artists are members of a print-based artist guild called the Vox Populi Print Collective, which was co-founded by the well-accomplished artist Barry Carlsen in 2017.

Carlsen said the initial idea of the Vox Populi Print Collective was sparked by a conversation with an old graduate school friend.

“We discussed our feelings about the difficulty of finding wide-ranging exhibition opportunities for printmakers,” Carlsen said.

Now, the Vox Populi Print Collective shares its work through national and international galleries by networking with other artists and galleries.

Carlsen has created two of the prints in the exhibit through a print-making process called lithography.

“It’s a technical medium,” Carlsen explained. “But it offers the widest range of applications in printmaking, as I see it.”

Lithography takes advantage of the resistance of water and oil to control ink on an image. It is currently one of the most popular means of commercial printmaking in the world.

However, UWO Gallery Director Leslie Walfish says that visitors of the exhibit don’t need any background knowledge on printmaking to enjoy the show.

Walfish facilitated the process of bringing the exhibit to life, from contacting the artists to setting up optimal lighting for the artwork.
“If you love nature, comedy, fantasy, or social critique, then this show is for you,” Walfish said.

The exhibit will be available for viewing through Thursday, Oct. 28 in the Annex Gallery, located on the second floor of the Arts and Communication Center.

A closing ceremony will take place on Oct. 28 at 5 p.m. and will feature Carlsen for an artist talk as well as a meet-and-greet.