Club spotlight: Greek Life at UWO

Mattie Beck, Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

Mattie Beck / Advance-Titan
Greek Life at UW Oshkosh provides opportunites to get involved with serving campus and community through fundraising and volunteering events.

There are many different clubs on campus — 183, in fact, on all three UW Oshkosh campuses according to Presence. But one of the major organizations that has different branches throughout campus is Fraternity & Sorority Life (FSL), or Greek Life.

Greek Life here at UW Oshkosh is composed of four sororities (Alpha Xi Delta, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Zeta Tau Alpha and Gamma Phi Beta) and five fraternities (Beta Theta Pi, Omega Delta Phi, Delta Chi, Delta Sigma Phi and Sigma Pi).

All these organizations provide a lot of different opportunities to support the community. Their four main pillars being Leadership, Service, Scholarship and Friendship.

The organizations provide a great place to grow as a leader, serve the community and others, strive for academics, and make lifelong friendships.

A lot of people go to these organizations because they are interested in being a part of an organization on campus, but are also looking for friendships out of them as well.

Pam Fleming, a 5th-year senior and a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma, said she has been happy for what the sorority offered her.

“I’ve really liked how easy it was to use Greek Life to make so many friends and connections, especially with people outside of your own chapter,” Fleming said.

Greek Life has been able to provide Fleming with great opportunities to learn through her leadership roles.
“I’ve had in Greek Life, I’ve been able to develop myself so much as a person and transfer new skills that I learned into other aspects of my life,” Fleming said.

The same thing also goes for the fraternities on campus, as they have a strong presence of belonging throughout their chapters.

Jack Liddicoat, a junior and member of Delta Sigma Phi, joined because of his friends, but found more.

“I joined because most of my friends were joining, but I was also looking for the brotherhood a fraternity provided, and I found that in Delta Sig,” said Liddicoat.

Liddicoat said he also likes being able to organize with the other organizations on campus with events throughout the year.

“I really enjoy the winter carnival event we have every year,” said Liddicoat, “You get to engage with the campus community, and it sets the tone for the second half of the school year.”

Greek Life has multiple events like this throughout the year that provide opportunities to find friendships throughout fraternities and sororities alike, and also interact and give back to the community.

Sam Sasin, a senior and member of Gamma Phi Beta, joined Greek Life for this aspect of serving something more.

“I was interested in Greek Life because I wanted to have a purpose other than academics and feel more fulfilled,” said Sasin.

At first, Sasin said she wasn’t sure if she wanted to join Greek Life, but found it to be exactly what she wanted.

“I was involved a lot in high school and when I got to UWO I had no idea what kind of extracurricular I wanted to do until I learned more about Greek Life,” said Sasin, “I met the women in it and knew it was perfect for me!”

The fraternities and sororities do a lot of fundraising, volunteering, and helping out with the community.

They support causes like Breast Cancer Education and Awareness, March of Dimes, the Kindly Hearts Campaign, and many others.

The sororities and fraternities have many benefits, from serving the community to making lifelong friendships throughout the process.