Hornswoggle is back

Born and raised in Oshkosh, Hornswoggle is coming back to town for a standup comedy routine on Nov. 12. Those new to Oshkosh or unfamiliar with his profession may not know the story of Hornswoggle. Standing at 4’5” and 137 lbs, This Oshkosh native went pro in entertainment wrestling.
He first began this path in 2004 in the Fox Valley Wrestling Alliance and appeared in several minor competitions, like National Wrestling Alliance Wisconsin, where he went on to win the division championship.
In 2006 another opportunity opened for him, and he joined the WWE where he continued his path for the next 10 years. In his time in the big rings, he went on to have several dramatic storylines including illegitimate sons, false mascots and a shaved head.
The man on stage is Hornswoggle, but the Oshkosh native is better known as Dylan Postl. Post is coming back to the Time Community Theater downtown for a comedy event “An Evening With Hornswoggle!” on Nov. 12 at 7 p.m.