First Fox Valley Vintage Fest

Mattie Beck, Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

This past Sunday the Oshkosh Convention Center held the first-ever Fox Valley Vintage Fest, a thrifting lovers’ dream.

Fox Valley Vintage Fest was an event where over 50 vendors of vintage clothing, toys and furniture were able to come together and sell all their products to vintage lovers.

First Fox Valley Vintage Fest

The event was huge, with booths filled to the brim with vintage products for consumers to come and sort through.
Vendors each had their own aesthetic.

Some had a ‘90s theme, with bright and colorful clothes that caught attention, while others went with a more old-fashioned theme of gingham and denim.

All in all, every vendor had their own amazing booth with clothes from every era to fit anyone’s vintage needs, no matter how far back in time they may be looking.

Some vendors have been through plenty of events like this before, and move booths from venue to venue.

For others, it was their first time at an event like this and they were happy to be involved in such a cool festival.

Katie Punzel, the owner of That 90’s Booth said that she has been reselling vintage toys for three years. The main thing she sells are toys from the ‘90s.

“I loved the feeling I got when I found a toy that I had when I was younger, and I thought someone else has to feel the same way I do,” she said.

She said that one of her favorite toys to sell are ‘90s Mcdonald’s happy meal toys.

Other vendors have been thrifting and selling vintage clothing for a long time now, and have been sharing their vintage finds at many different venues.

Taylor Orr, who runs a small vintage business Little Rivers, has been thrifting and selling since 2018.

Little Rivers is inspired by southern decor and fashion, with thrifted pieces that would be fit for any country home and apparel for any cowboy.

“I like Southwest decor like wicker pieces,” said Orr. “I go to a lot of thrift stores in the area to get vintage items.”

Vendors like Little Rivers are from around the area and can be locally found for those who missed out on Fox Valley Vintage Fest.

The first Fox Valley Vintage Fest was able to bring together lots of locals and non-locals alike to the area to sell vintage clothing to those who aimed to fulfill their vintage dreams.