The late night breakfast is back at UWO

Mattie Beck, Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

During finals week in both spring and fall semesters, the chancellor holds the Chancellor’s Late Night Breakfast, an event where students are welcome to come to de-stress and enjoy a good meal.

 In addition, there are also fun activities that students can participate in, like photo booths, air-brush tattoos, games, prizes and more. 

A lot of students are going to experience this for the first time, as it’s the first one held since the start of the pandemic, but for students like Kylie Balk-Yaatenen, a senior at UWO, it’s not a new experience. 

Balk-Yaatenen said the event is a fun-filled experience for students. 

“They always have games to play where you can win cups, T-shirts and bags,” she said. “They also usually have a band playing at Blackhawk.” 

While some may think of it as a studying event, according to Balk-Yaatenen, it’s more of a time to hang out and de-stress. 

“It’s more like allowing students to take a break from studying and enjoy your friends and good food,” said Balk-Yaatenen. 

Students like Cory Sparks, a junior, are excited for  the event to get a “break” during finals. 

“I am looking forward to unwinding during what is typically a very stressful time during finals,” Sparks said. “While it is important to study for such heavy exams, it’s important to remember events like this exist.” 

The event is a great chance to unwind and take a breather during one of the hardest weeks of the school year for students, which is why Sparks also thinks it’s a beneficial event.

“I believe that this event benefits students because it is a sign of the school encouraging to take a break and relax for a little bit,” Sparks said.

He also said how nice it is  to see the university putting in the effort to help students. 

“Rest and recovery are important aspects of the learning process, and it is refreshing to see that the university prioritizes both those things by putting events like this together,” Sparks said.

This year’s event will be held 8:30-10:30 p.m. Dec. 14 at Blackhawk Commons, where students can be served a good food by UWO administrators. The event is free for students on a meal plan and it is $5.42 for others.