Club Spotlight: UW Oshkosh Fishing Team

Mattie Beck, Asst. Arts & Entertainment Editor

There are 183 organizations here on campus, one of them being the Fishing Team.

The Fishing Team is a sports club that offers students the opportunity for club outings, tournaments and meetings that are all centered around fishing.

Courtesy of Joe Birschbach
The UW Oshkosh Fishing Team regularly attends competitions, outings and also hosts seminars.

“I joined the Fishing Club so that I could expand my skills and knowledge in fishing,” said club president Joe Birschbach.

Birschbach first got involved in bass fishing tournaments through the club.

Birschbach also said that the club has allowed him to travel to different parts of the country for fishing tournaments.

“I’ve been competing since my freshman year of college. Where I competed on the Mississippi River in La

Crosse and on Toledo Bend in Louisiana,” Birschbach said.

Along with competing, the club also goes out on outings around Oshkosh to give members an experience close to home, according to Birschbach.

“We occasionally do club outings as well,” Birschbach said. “Recently, we had a club ice fishing outing on Puckaway Lake.”

The Fishing Team is not just about going fishing, as it also provides members with the opportunity to talk with others about the topic.

“We do seminars, too,” Birschbach said. “We’ll have professional fishermen come in and do seminars on all types of fishing.”

The Fishing Team on campus is open to all fishermen to join, and it comes with some benefits as well.

“We love to get together and talk fishing,” Birschbach said, “We have sponsorship deals and really cool jerseys that anyone can order.”

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The Fishing Club is one of the many organizations that are on campus and it is open to those interested in fishing.