New exhibit celebrates women

Mattie Beck, Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

Currently located on the second floor of Reeve Union is the annual Womxn Leading UWO exhibit, formerly known as the Titan LeadHERship exhibit.

The exhibit features women leaders from the three different campuses and shines a light on them and their inspiring stories.

Darinka Lechuga, an intern at the Women’s Center, put together this year’s exhibit and was inspired by achievements and awareness.

“As it promotes women’s leadership experiences and achievements, it also shows awareness on gender leadership gap by inspiring women-identified students to see themselves as a womxn leading UWO,” Lechuga said.

Mattie Beck / Advance-Titan
The annual Womxn Leading UWO exhibit is located on the second floor of Reeve Union and is available until the end of March. The exhibit displays UWO’s women.

The exhibit shows women in leadership roles throughout the universities, and while some were nominated others were sought out by Lechuga and other employees.

“Besides nominations, the Women’s Center used Titan Connections to look for presidents and advisors of a student organization on all three campuses,” Lechuga said.

Though the exhibit does a great job of highlighting women in leadership roles, the exhibit is also meant to raise awareness of a lack of leadership.

“Our biggest hope that people take away from this exhibit is showing the awareness of the gender leadership gap on all three campuses,” Lechuga said.

The exhibit is also meant to have another takeaway, which is to inspire those who see it.

“Last but not least, the Women’s Center hopes to continue to inspire individuals as they move forward in their leadership paths,” Lechuga said.

Along with this exhibit, there was a leadership conference that opened to women across the campuses to come and interact with one another.

For Lechuga, her favorite part was the opportunities that were provided by this conference that the exhibit went along with.

“The conference portion of this gave the opportunity to the campus community to come together and celebrate the womxn on campus who hold leadership positions,” Lechuga said.

The conference was held on March 4 and 5 and provided those who attended with networking opportunities, a chance to talk with other leaders and breakout sessions.

“I also thought the breakout sessions were a great way to integrate leadership with education and how they connect to being a successful leader,” Lechuga said.

The exhibit will be running until the end of Women’s Month and can be found on the second floor of Reeve.