01 Vintage opens in downtown Oshkosh


Mattie Beck / Advance-Titan — 01 Vintage sells unique clothing and home decor from previous decades.

Mattie Beck, Arts and Entertainment Editor

There’s a wide variety of stores located in downtown Oshkosh, and opening recently is 01 Vintage, a store that provides clothing and decor from a previous era.

Opening a vintage store has always been a priority of store owner Viktor Kielman.

“It’s always been my dream to open up a vintage store ever since high school back in 2017,” Kielman said, “I was always into clothes and fashion, but didn’t really know what I wanted to do in life.” 

The inspiration for 01 Vintage comes from Kielman’s love of thrifting and the clothing of decades past.

“I couldn’t afford a lot of designer clothing that was super popular so I decided to go thrifting with my friends,” Kielman said. “Eventually, when I found out how cool old clothes were, it really just spiraled into a full-time side gig!”

Kielman decided to open the store, in part because of a lack of space in his personal closet. 

“I would go thrifting every day, trying to find old clothes for myself and eventually I ran out of room and started selling them online for a profit,” Kielman said. 

When selling vintage, Kielman draws on prior knowledge and experience to set up the store with what to put and where. 

“After selling for over 5 years now, I’ve definitely developed a great understanding for what sells best, even after trends change in fashion and even vintage,” Kielman said. 

The process of putting the shop itself together was one Kielman and his father did together, adding details to make the store to his liking. 

“I lived in Fond du Lac up until August and would drive up as often as I could building it with my dad and trying to get it ready to open,” Kielman said. 

A lot of handiwork was done by the duo, including building the racks that the clothes are stored on. 

“We built the racks by hand which I think turned out so good,” Kielman said “We cut the pipes, cut the wood on top, stained it, hauled all the pieces and built them.”

Kielman said his favorite part of the store is a hangout area in the corner he set up for customers to enjoy. 

“I found an old VHS box TV and got tons of awesome old VHS tapes from my mom and pop in movies throughout the day,” he said.

The hangout area adds to the vintage theme of the store, providing an area to take customers back in time as they shop.

Kielman said he is working almost daily to add new clothing to the store. 

“I’m constantly putting new stuff out every single day, so the next time you come in, you’ll find a new piece you love!”

01 Vintage is located at 415 N. Main St. and is open Monday through Thursday from noon. to 7 p.m.