Fraternity recruitment starts strong


Photo: Courtesy of Jack Liddicoat —Delta Sigma Phi prepares for recruitment events at their new official fraternity house.

Mattie Beck, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Fraternity recruitment occurs every fall and spring semester, with events run by the local fraternities and fraternity governing board helping it run smoothly. 

There are six fraternities on campus: Alpha Phi Alpha, Beta Theta Pi, Delta Sigma Phi, Delta Chi, Omega Delta Phi and Sigma Pi. 

Fraternity recruitment can look different for every fraternity, with various events occurring throughout the recruitment, also known as “rush.”

Grant Steffen, president of the Interfraternity Council (IFC), explains what recruitment generally looks like throughout the semester.

“At UWO, fraternity recruitment is based on model in which each organization plans/holds events such as grill outs, movie nights or playing games at the Rec center [Student Recreation and Wellness Center],” Steffen said. 

These events are put on to give men interested in joining a fraternity a chance to get to know the men in the fraternities to see where they feel they best fit. 

There are guidelines that go along with the events, that are decided by the governing council according, to Steffen. 

“We as IFC provide a detailed outline of recruitment rules and policies to ensure that all fraternal recruitment procedures are safe, inclusive and fun,” Steffen said. 

Along with events put on by the fraternities themselves, IFC also holds events that they feel benefit the community. 

“IFC looks to put on events that our community enjoys being at,” Steffen said. “Due to that philosophy, we as IFC, communicate with our organizations and presidents of the fraternities to determine interest level in the events we are hoping to take place.”

A goal of these events is to gain interest in fraternity life by also gaining names of potential men who may want to further the recruitment process. 

“Through this, IFC holds informational meetings and focus on generating a list of names of students who are interested in the Greek experience,” Steffen said. 

Jack Liddicoat, president of the fraternity Delta Sigma Phi, gives the same insight as Steffen does in regard to recruitment events. 

“Rush typically begins with events hosted by IFC in the first week or so of the semester, before moving towards events hosted by my own fraternity,” Liddicoat said, “In both cases, these events serve to allow active brothers to meet potential new members and vice versa.”

The planning for Delta Sigma Phi events is done differently than in IFC, with members collaborating to make the events happen. 

“Our executive board collaborates on ideas for rush events, but they are often created by our VP of Recruitment, who at this time is Guillermo Pernia,” Liddicoat said, “Rush is typically three to four weeks.”

With the events planned, Liddicoat found a favorite that brings the whole chapter together.

“This year it would be our grill out, as it is a simple but fun event that brings together potential new members and active brothers,” Liddicoat said. 

Liddicoat is confident in the events planned this semester due to his organization’s strategy. 

“I would say that I am confident in my organization’s approach to rush this year, as I believe we all feel well prepared to have a successful rush,” Liddicoat said. 

Fraternity recruitment lasts until mid-October. To learn more visit