Titan TV reveals student-lead shows


Photo courtesy: Bailey Laird– The production of ‘RECOLLECT’ is completely student-led.

Mattie Beck, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Titan TV, the student-run television channel on campus, is premiering new shows this fall.

Two of the new shows, “RECOLLECT” and “Anything But Average,” are both student written, directed, and produced. 

Written by two Radio TV Film (RTF) majors, both shows focus in different ways on the life of college students.

Bailey Laird, executive producer of “RECOLLECT,” said the show’s plot centers around a college students trying to deal with grief.

“RECOLLECT” is a series that follows Benny, an emotionally unstable college student who goes through an emotional journey when he discovers that his so-called “best friend” of many years has blocked any form of communication with him.

The show takes an interesting look at the current generation and their struggles with grief in a comedy-drama format, according to Laird.

“This comedy/drama hybrid infuses “Gen-Z” social conflicts with a character study of the five stages of grief one goes through when losing someone close to them,” he said.

Laird is taking on many roles throughout the production process. 

Photo courtesy: Bailey Laird– ‘RECOLLECT’ dives into how a student deals with his grief after a long time best friend blocks him on social media.

My role as an executive producer basically means I oversee all stages of the production of this television series,” he said.“Whether that is making sure we are on schedule while on set, or overseeing the editing process, as well as any talent relations or communication with Titan TV’s Executive Board.”

Laird also helped co-write the show with Ryan Patton. 

“The process for creating this show has been a long, stressful, but super-exhilarating experience,” Laird said, adding that Patton is also producing the series.. 

Patton and Laird also brought on another individual, Megan Kitzman, to help produce after seeing her previous work. 

“We saw a video recreation of a Bo Burnham song from his recent Netflix special that she had recreated for an RTF course, and knew we had a very talented individual working with us,” Laird said. 

Laird said he enjoys being able to tell the story itself. 

“I love writing and telling stories, so being able to really get my first real crack at a full-blown production like this with my name on it was a big dream come true,” he said. 

Another new show set to air on Titan TV is “Anything But Average,” a late-night talk show hosted by Amber Gately. 

Gately, the host, and executive producer shared the fun backstory behind the show’s creation. 

“The show was originally created due to a joke me and a friend made about how it would be fun to interview one of our friends and then prank them,” Gately said. “But then as we told others about the joke they convinced me that I needed my own show to play out these jokes.”

The show itself has a similar feel to other late-night shows, and even comedy shows found on television.
“[It]has humor similar to Jimmy Fallon mixed with iCarly,” Gately said. 

While Gately has her roles in the show, she also has many other individuals helping her with other aspects to make the show run smoothly.

“I have two writing producers, Jonathon May and Lauren Sweetman, who with me come up with which segments we are going to use for the upcoming episodes and how are we going to get those segments filmed and ready to go to air.

“I also have two other producers, Sam Sasin and Max Rinn, who edit our videos and assist at anything production-related,” Gately said. 

While Gately does have a lot of aid throughout the production, there is still a lot that goes with fulfilling both of her roles. 

“It’s a lot to be in charge of the entire production, as well as being the person on camera the entire time,” Gately said. “ It means I have to be at every event related to the show instead of being able to trust my producers to get the work done themselves.” 

There is also the struggle that comes with being a student and executive producer/host of a TV show, Gately said.

“Production takes a lot longer than you might think and as a student, I still have to get all of my homework done, attend classes, and have a part-time job. So it’s late in the evenings when I can get my show work done… “

Though it is a lot of hard work, it is also fun. My favorite parts are filming the most random segments that I know will be really core memories for me about the show,” she said. 

Gately even gave an example of an upcoming segment that will be one for the books.

“Last week we filmed me handing out raw hot dogs to strangers for a segment on the show and I know that it will be one thing that I will never forget,” she said. 

“RECOLLECT” is set to premiere on Titan TV on Oct. 21, and is available through the campus channel (71.1), Spectrum Charter Channel 57, or through the on-demand service at titantv.org. 

“Anything but Average” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. and can be watched in any of the ways mentioned above.