Music Department debuts new event ‘Titan Bistro’ this Saturday


Anya Kelley, Assistant News Editor

The UW Oshkosh music department presents a new event, Titan Bistro.

Titan Bistro is a  new event, and is full of student energy with the goal of engaging a broader audience on campus and in the community. 

The cabaret-style show will feature three of the UWO choirs, two acapella groups and a wide variety of student-led bands, and is described as ‘a night of music, a night to remember’.

The show will also feature soloists from the student choirs performing originals and covers.

The show will be free-of-charge for anyone interested in attending, and is open to students and parents who would like to attend. 

Felsic Snyder, the stage manager for Titan Bistro, is looking forward to the performance. 

“Titan Bistro, at its core, is meant to showcase the talents of the students who go to school here,” Snyder said. 

“This event presents an opportunity to perform something that you might not get a lot of other chances to do,” Snyder said.

“We’ve got original songs and covers, choirs and rock bands. The diversity of music in this event is so exciting, it shows that everyone in the department is unique in their interests and talents.”

Shannon Gravelle, the director of choral activities at UWO, said the students are heavily involved throughout the production process.

“Titan Bistro is an event produced almost solely by our students,” Gravelle said. “The choir program hosts it, and there are some amazing student leaders involved.”

Gravelle decided to pursue the event to give student musicians a chance to showcase their skills.

“I decided to pursue this event because we have a really unique combination of classically trained musicians who are also familiar with the industry and audio production side of music, especially since UWO has such a robust music industry program,” Gravelle said.

She also said the students’ independence and overall ability have impressed her greatly. 

 “Many of the students write and perform their own music,” she adds. “It’s amazing to see the skill set these students have! And I think it’s absolutely something the community should share in.”

Alyssa Proell, the events manager, agrees with Gravelle and her excitement for the students.

Proell is looking forward to what the event is going to provide for students and the community as a whole. 

“I definitely believe that Titan Bistro is going to provide a fun opportunity for the community to enjoy live music,” she says.

Gravelle, Proell and Snyder have been working to organize this event since last spring. 

For more information, go to the choir website or check out their facebook page

Titan Bistro will be held on Oct. 8  at 7 p.m. in the Music Hall of the Arts & Communications Building.