Tote bag decorating draws large crowd


Photo courtesy of Dominic Lee– Reeve Union Board held a tote bag decorating event last Thursday in Titan Underground. Students could decorate tote bags with paint and stamps at the event.

Mattie Beck, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Reeve Union Board (RUB) held a tote bag-making event for students to attend and enjoy a fun craft night of decorating tote bags in Titan Underground last Thursday.

Students were able to attend free with their student I.D. and enjoyed a night full of tote bag decorating with supplies such as paint and stamps.

The event was one of many RUB has held this semester. It was planned by RUB executive board Crafty Adventures chair Olivia Klessig.

“I wanted to bring a crafting event to campus that I hadn’t seen done yet. I know a lot of people like tote bags and always want more so I thought why not do it,” Klessig said. 

The event went well according to Klessig, as many students lined up early to attend.

“[there were] Way more people than I expected to show up because the line when we started letting people in went all the way to Reeve Coffee House,” Klessig said. “People started lining up for the event starting at 6:15 p.m. and the event started at 7.”

Students seemed to enjoy the event itself, as Klessig overheard many students talking about the excitement they had. 

“I overheard someone saying they waited for 45 minutes in line just for the event,” Klessig said. 

“Many people were laughing with their friends and enjoying themselves so much so that we started running out of room in Titan Underground.” 

Klessig enjoyed seeing the decorating students did on the tote bags. 

“I also enjoyed the designs some people made on their bags; they were so intricate and detailed it was amazing,” Klessig said.

Dylan Bram, RUB adviser, has found events have gone well this semester and has seen an increase in attendance for events this semester.

“I find our events have been going really well this semester. Our attendance has been higher, which always makes us feel fulfilled that students are looking to get involved and meet each other,” Bram said.

The planning for the events has gone well, Bram said, with a few minor hiccups here and there.

“We have been hosting a good number of events this semester, so there are always a couple of minor hiccups (we forget something until the last minute, someone has to run back to our storage and get more supplies, etc.),” Bram said. 

The planning is done by the RUB executive board, where everyone holds a different chair to represent a different section of events, such as Crafty Adventures and Live Music.

Bram is proud of the planning and work done by the executive board this semester, as they had many spots to fill after last semester. 

“We had six seniors graduate last year, so there was a six-eighths turnover for this year, which I have not had since 2017, and so far, they have taken the baton and have continued to push for improved and more involved events,” Bram said. 

As for his favorite event, Bram enjoyed the live music night held out on the Horizon Village lawn. 

“The turnout was much greater than anticipated, and people stuck around for a good amount of time, which is all indicative that people were enjoying themselves,” Bram said.