Police Department holds Run with the Cops


Photo courtesy: UWO Flickr– Runners were able to run alongside police officers and see visual displays made with different law enforcement vehicles along the way.

Mattie Beck, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Last Thursday, Special Olympics Wisconsin and the UW Oshkosh Police Department and other Wisconsin law enforcement agencies came together for Run with the Cops. 

Run with the Cops was a 5K event held throughout campus and was open to students and the community to join. 

The event also had a kids run, an interactive vehicle display including squad cars and officer vehicles and a donut eating contest. 

Christopher Tarmann, the acting chief of police, explained that it was planned by a large committee to make everything run smoothly. 

“There is a committee of law enforcement volunteers, Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) members and Special Olympics employees who meet regularly to plan and prepare for LETR events like Run with the Cops,” Tarmann said. 

Tarmann himself is on the committee and helped with the planning process for the event this year. 

“I am a member of that committee and because UWO is a host site for this event it takes a lot of planning on our part to coordinate everything necessary to make the event a success,” Tarmann said. 

“It also takes a lot of local volunteers and volunteer police personnel to make this specific event happen because of how this event is designed,” he said.

Tarmann had a few goals planned for the event, all of which were in different areas of the event.

“My goal each year is to staff the course with the proper amount of personnel, see a great turnout at the event and raise a sizeable amount of money for Special Olympics Wisconsin,” Tarmann said.

The intended fundraising goals for the Special Olympics were met according to Tarmann. 

“This year we raised nearly $30,000 for Special Olympics Wisconsin, which I think is great,” Tarmann said.

Larmann estimates that 300-400 people participated in the event and were able to enjoy many different activities there.

“At the event, attendees can check out different vehicles like tow trucks, fire trucks, command vehicles, SWAT vehicles, DNR equipment, corrections vehicles and equipment,” Tarmann said. 

“People can climb into these vehicles, try on gear and interact with law enforcement personnel from all over Wisconsin,” he said.

There are also multiple activities for kids at the event, with a special shorter race and a donut eating contest.

“There’s a kid’s run which is just short of a half-mile long, there’s a kids and cops donut eating contest,” Tarmann said. 

The kids run is one of Tarmann’s favorites due to seeing the kids participating.

“I also love the kid’s run because the kids are so full of energy and they still have that exciting passion and interest for police officers,” Tarmann said. 

Along with interacting with kids at the event, police officers are also able to interact with the general public.

Officers are able to talk with members of the community in a more genuine sense, Tarmann said. 

“People can interact with law enforcement members, get to know them a bit, and then when we need to work with each other to solve problems there’s a trusting relationship built with the real people who give their lives to this profession.”

Another group at the event that are able to meet with the community on a more personal level is the Special Olympics athletes who come out to the event. 

Tarmann has gotten to meet with them throughout the years and is always glad to see them. 

“Because I’ve been so involved with this group over the years, I’ve gotten to know the athletes very well and it’s like a reunion to see them each year!”

To sum up the event, Tarmann was happy with the turnout and seeing everyone come out to support the cause. 

“I always want to see smiling faces interacting with our local law enforcement personnel and I definitely saw that taking place!”