Terror on the Fox provides scares


Courtesy of Annaka Schroetter– Terror on the Fox takes place every year up in Green Bay and provides a fun scare experience.

Anya Kelley, Assistant News Editor

Scare actors at Terror on the Fox said they have been preparing for months while patrons said they anxiously anticipate the adrenaline rush of the haunted house atmosphere.

Terror on the Fox has been providing scares for the community annually for the past 26 years. Each season, the house’s theme changes to keep people coming back for more. This year, the Bloodrite, the story of a sadistic aristocrat and her blood ritual, Daywalker, the legend of an ancient vampire looking to quench his endless thirst, and a haunted train ride are the attractions available.

Annaka Schroetter, a second-year student at UW Oshkosh, says going to Terror on the Fox is one of her annual fall activities.

“I love to go with a group of friends and get an adrenaline rush. I am sort of a scaredy-cat so these are only fun once a year!” Schroetter said.

“My favorite part is the train ride because you have to sit there and take them, smelling your fear without running away. My adrenaline is the highest because my fight is kicking in when I can’t run,” Schroetter said. “They also do a great job telling a story I can follow!”

Terror on the Fox wouldn’t have become what it is without it’s scare actors. Genesis Liebhaber, a senior at Appleton West High School, recently joined the crew.

“[I’ve] only worked there since the beginning of September,” Liebhaber explains. “I was hired and then for the first few weeks before we opened, there were orientations and acting lessons every weekend to prep for opening.”

Liebhaber never enjoyed haunted houses before working in one.

“Before getting the job I had never even been to a haunted house before,” Liebhaber said. “The jump scare factor always terrified me, but acting in the house is completely different.” 

“My favorite part of my job is creating believable characters and getting to do what I love, acting,” Liebhaber said. “Also, the people who work in the haunted house may play terrifying monsters but when the masks are off they are some of the nicest people I have ever met.” 

Though Schroetter and Liebhaber participate in Terror on the Fox differently, they share something in common. Both agree the Halloween season wouldn’t be complete without a haunted house.

“I would recommend [Terror on the Fox] for people just starting out going to haunted houses because it is a little light on the scares, it is a little more like a maze and something cool to look at too, it’s more of a show than screams,” Schroetter said.

“We put on a show and it’s quite a detailed and cool house to walk through,” Liebhaber said.

For anyone looking for an adrenaline rush and a good story, Terror on the Fox is the perfect place for this Halloween season. Terror on the Fox is located in Green Bay and will be running through Oct. 31.