Oshkosh debuts Winter Farmers market

Mattie Beck, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The Oshkosh Farmers Market has moved inside to the Oshkosh Arena for winter, with the turnout still as strong as it was before.

The Oshkosh Farmers Market normally take place outside every Saturday on Main Street, but due to the weather turning colder, the decision was made to hold them at the same time, just inside. 

Michelle Schmid-Schultz, the market manager, was happy with the success of the first inside market. 

“The first Oshkosh Farmers Market-Winter had a great turnout considering the blustery, cold weather. The market welcomed over 600 attendees and 32 vendors,” Schmid-Schultz said. 

There has been an increase in participation this year, according to Schmid-Schultz. 

“With the increase in vendor participation this year, the market has expanded into the Arena Bowl.” 

Along with the vendors in the arena, there are also events that take place during the Saturday market. 

“The market features live, local music each week and many new events with the arena and other organizations are being planned for this year,” she said. 

The events vary from holiday to craft-themed, taking place with the according season. 

The schedule is:

  • The Holiday Bazaars will be held on Nov. 26 and Dec. 17.
  • The Market is partnering with the Oshkosh Arena for two Artisan and Craft Fairs on Feb. 11 and Apr. 15.
  • The Spring Bazaar will be held on April 8, 2023.
  • The launch of Go Green Oshkosh will be held on April 22. 

The Market is  planning for  Kids Day in March and an Art Competition in April. 

This is the 11th year it has been held inside, as to why it was moved inside, Schmid-Schultz said it was for the farmers.

“There was a need to keep the market year ‘round to give agriculture vendors a place to take their products to sell,” Schmid-Schultz said. 

Since the pandemic, the number of vendors participating has gone up. 

“Vendor participation is up 30% over pre-pandemic numbers, up 50% over vendor participation during the pandemic,” Schmid-Schultz said. 

Though it is winter, the vendors still have lots of produce available for sale. 

“The Winter Market still offers an abundance of late-season produce including a large variety of squash, potatoes, beets, gourmet mushrooms, onions, brussels sprouts, cranberries, apples, carrots, baby greens and more,” Schmid-Schultz said. 

The Winter Market will continue to run on select Saturdays. For more information check the schedule check out osfmi.com.