23rd Student Honors Exhibition currently at the Allen Priebe


Claudia Miller / The Advance-Titan– Students’ work is displayed in the Allen Priebe Gallery. The art is in several different mediums.

Claudia Miller, Staff Writer

The 23rd Annual Student Honors Exhibition is currently taking place in the Allen Priebe Gallery in the Arts and Communications Center. 

The exhibition, a highly selective invitational, features the work of 24 UW Oshkosh students. The art pieces on display include ceramics, paintings, photography, graphic design, printmaking and sculpture. 

Much of the work in the Honors Exhibition tries to convey a message. 

“I think a lot of work addresses a social connotation. A lot of my work has a deeper symbolism and hopefully makes people look at it a little bit longer,” said Ollie Krueger, winner of the Juror’s Best 2D award.

Krueger said he hopes his award-winning piece, “Mother Silent,” makes a point.

“‘Mother Silent’ is a criticism of the Catholic Church’s idea that women should be seen, not heard,” Krueger said.

Having artwork up on display provides a different way for the featured artists to see their work.

“Seeing it actually displayed on a pristine wall with good lighting adds another level and makes it feel very complete,” Krueger said. 

The awards handed out included the Ceramics Award, Art Haus Award, Mike Dodson Award, Allen Priebe Gallery Award, Elsewhere Market and Coffee House Ceramics Award, Chancellor’s Graphic Design Award, Chancellor’s 2D Award, Chancellor’s 3D Award, Juror’s Best in Graphic Design Award, Juror’s Best 2D Award, and Juror’s Best 3D Award. 

Eli Billstrom, Kely Carrasquillo, Katie Christensen, Lily Clifton, Ollie Krueger, Darrylanne Moreno, Lauren Muth, Carleah Normington, Aidan Reimer, Carson Schunke, Karrah Sievert, Isabelle Skalecki, Sarah Vandersee, Lindsey Winkel and Macy Woxland each earned an award.  

Honorable mentions were also named.

The exhibition is free and runs through Feb. 16. Gallery hours are 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, 7-9 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, and 1-4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

The Allen Priebe Gallery is located in the main lobby on the first floor of the Arts and Communications Center, Room N102.