RUB hosts Drag Queen Bingo


Mattie Beck / Advance-Titan – Mrs. Kasha Davis was the host of the Drag Queen Bingo in Reeve Memorial Union.

Mattie Beck, Arts & Entertainment Editor

 Reeve Union Board (RUB) hosted Drag Queen Bingo with Mrs. Kasha Davis, a drag queen from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 7, last Thursday in Reeve Memorial Union Ballroom.

Mrs. Kasha Davis is the stage name of Edward P. Popil, Jr., an American drag queen, actor and television personality from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Zach Easton, entertainment chair on the executive board of RUB and host of Zach’s Bingo Hall, a popular RUB event, helped coordinate the event. He said he started planning during winter break with RUB Program Adviser Dylan Bram. 

“I was excited about the idea and really wanted to go through with it,” he said. “When Dylan first brought up the idea with me, I thought it would be a great idea to bring a new, exciting event to campus.”

Drag Queen Bingo is an event where drag queens are the bingo callers. These events have been done in person and virtually during the pandemic. 

Bram said the university has hosted few drag events in the past. 

“In my time advising RUB since 2016, I have not personally overseen any other drag events aside from our annual partnership for Titan Nights, where we co-sponsor with House of Pride and Equality (HOPE) for the drag show,” he said. 

Bram was excited for the chance to host drag bingo after all the popularity those events gained throughout the pandemic. 

“From what I have seen over the past several years, Drag Queen Bingo really got a large following during COVID-19, so when we heard about the opportunity of a drag queen routing through our area, we thought that could be fun,” he said. 

According to Easton, the event was as fun for students as they hoped. 

“The event was really successful! With the help of the RUB team and the audiovisual techs in Reeve, it ran pretty smooth,” he said. “The students really enjoyed the event. The event attendance was pretty high and the energy that the students brought with them was exciting.”

About 200 students attended, many staying afterward to meet the star.

“There was  a really long line after the show to meet Mrs. Kasha Davis and get a picture, which I think made students really excited,” Easton said.

Easton’s favorite part of the event, since he normally runs bingo, was being on the more technical side.

“I always call bingo and I do not get to play or just watch the event run,” he said. “While I love running Zach’s Bingo Hall, it was fun and exciting to be on the other side of the bingo cage.”

Zach’s Bingo Hall will make an appearance this semester at March Titan Nights on March 10, Spring Family Day on March 11 and April 20.

Easton thanked  those who helped make the event possible. 

“Thank you to all who  attended, helped run the event smoothly, the LGBTQ+ Resource Center and Mrs. Kasha Davis,” he said.