Club Spotlight: Reeve Union Board


Courtesy of Dominic Lee – RUB holds many events in Titan Underground for students.

Mattie Beck, Arts & Entertainment Editor

There are over 180 organizations on campus for students to join throughout their college career, one of which is Reeve Union Board (RUB).

RUB is a student-run organization that aims to bring different kinds of programming to campus for students to enjoy such as entertainment, arts and crafts, games, and more.

Along with this, RUB aims to create an atmosphere of learning, inclusiveness, and leadership throughout its organization.

There are four different committees found in the organization that students can join, which include crafty adventures, entertainment, live music and special events.

The organization is responsible for planning multiple events that are held on campus, including Bye Gosh Fest, Zach’s Bingo Hall and Titan Nights. 

RUB also has different executive positions for students to take on and gain leadership skills throughout their time in the organization. 

Emma Smith, president of the executive council for RUB, said she enjoys being a part of RUB because of the atmosphere it provides.

RUB is a community of people who are always around to support you. It is an outlet for me during my busy work and school schedule, and I can have fun with a good group of people,” she said.

This atmosphere comes from spending lots of time together as an organization.

“We spend a lot of time together between meetings, event planning and event execution, so we get to know one another really well, creating a great atmosphere to be a part of,” Smith said. 

RUB puts on a lot of events throughout the year that they spend planning together, including some well-known events on campus.
“We host Battle of the Bands and Bye Gosh Fest every year for students as well as putting together Homecoming and Winter Carnival,” Smith said. 

Smith said these are events that RUB enjoys planning the events for the student body.

“These events are always on the calendar and our team always looks forward to putting on the larger events for campus and having an impact on students’ semesters by giving them a place to be themselves and have fun,” she said. 

There are many benefits to helping plan these events and being a part of RUB when they happen. 

“Students in RUB get first choice at all craft supplies and often get to meet and talk with our artists/entertainers which is not only fun, but a great networking opportunity for students,” Smith said. 

Smith also said benefits include being immersed in the atmosphere that RUB provides for students. 

“Other benefits include being part of a community of people who always want the best for you personally and professionally and also personal or professional growth opportunities,” she said.

There are also strong leadership opportunities provided when joining the organization, Smith said.

“In addition, if a committee member then goes on to serve on the executive board for RUB, they are given a monetary stipend,” Smith said. 

Olivia Klessig, who holds the crafty adventures position on RUB, enjoys being a part of the organization for the creative and communicative experience.

“I am constantly learning new leadership skills with each of mine and my fellow executive members’ events. RUB gives me a place on campus to share ideas and create connections campus-wide with student attendees,” she said. 

Klessig also enjoys being involved with the organization due to the social experience it gives her.

“Being on RUB shows me that as a student I am capable of having unique experiences,” she said. “It gives me a place to find new friendships and create exciting opportunities for campus to participate in!

RUB is open to all students on the UW Oshkosh campus, no matter what major a student is. For more information or interest in joining the club, email advisor Dylan Bram at