Former Chancellor Richard Wells has recently been charged with criminal charges after allegations of misusing taxpayer money. Even though the Alumni Welcome and Conference Center is great and all, what more constructive purposes could this money have been used for? 259 pitchers for each student 4,461,538 slices of mac and cheese pizza from Polito’s Free semesters tuition for 3,844 students (27% of the student body) Nine rec plexes (or maybe one completed on schedule) Pay a Campus Connection editor’s rent for 36,250 months Bump all of The Advance-Titan editor’s salaries up to $966,666.67 We could fund the Men’s Tennis team for 1,318 years, and a Men’s Soccer team for 162 years 48,333 campus parking passes Could hire a Bye-Gosh fest lineup featuring both Rihanna and Beyonce (with about $1 million left over for other entertainment)