Five intramural teammates that everyone’s met

Intramural bring out the best and worst in everyone. From indoor soccer to racquetball, here are five teammates that everybody has had to deal with on their squad:

Calvin Skalet, Editor in Chief

  1. Try-Hard

  • Texted the group chat about tonight’s game at 8 a.m.

  • Literally skipped class to get a couple warm up shots in

  • Calls their own fouls every 2 minutes

  1. The Energy

  • Puts all the blood, sweat and tears into the game each week

  • Usually small.

  • Usually fast.

  • Will act completely calm once time hits 00:00.

  1. The Captain

  • The only organized person on the team.

  • Unlike the try-hard, this person is good at sports.

  • The only coaching at all comes from this person.

  1. Best Player

  • Usually the least interested

  • If you think this player is you, you are wrong.

  1. Coach

  • This person wants absolutely nothing to do with any sort of contact sports so instead, they just sit on the bench and yell.

  • This person should not be on the field/court at any point in time during the game or all hell will break loose.

  • The only game this person is playing is beer pong.

  • If you think this person is NOT you, you are wrong.