“Mean Girls” actor hosts UWO homecoming talent show

Jack Tierny, Campus Connections Editor

Daniel Franzese, You-Go-Glenn-Co-Co star of “Mean Girls,” hosted a talent show in the Reeve Union Ballroom on Tuesday, Oct. 16 for the third night of homecoming.

Franzese took the stage in black shoes, black pants, black shirt and fluorescent green hat.
His good-humored jokes took aim at the Packers, his mother and Ryan Gosling in traffic.

Emilia Callejon, the event coordinator, said she was happy to get a big-name host like Franzese.

“We meet him at [National Association for Campus Activities], which is where we get all of our event people for the year,” Callejon said.

Callejon said NACA is a place to find talent that Oshkosh event coordinators rely on.

“It’s a big conference where we meet comedians, magicians, anybody that we want to come and ask them to come here,” Callejon said.

Lydia Sanchez
Members of Diet Lite find their rhythem after technical malfunctions slowed their start.

Callejon said that hosting a talent show requires hours of work from shirts to prep to hosts; it takes many days and weeks of hard work.

“Having everything in advance, making sure everything [performers] need is on stage, getting the room reserved, getting everything ready for homecoming is a two-month preparation,” Callejon said.

Max Khang won the event by performing a stripped-down version of OneRepublic’s hit song “Secrets” on ukulele.
“The whole thing felt calm,” Khang said. “It felt natural and comfortable, and the whole room gave off a vibe that was just comfortable. I was able to feed off of them.”

Khang said he wasn’t phased when the crowd applauded during his performance.

“I think when you’re performing you have to keep the moment there,” Khang said. “You have to be in your moment. After, you can break character.”

Max Khang performs “Secrets” by OneRepublic.
Lydia Sanchez
Max Khang performs “Secrets” by OneRepublic.

Khang said he spreads love to those who keep their talents hidden.

“You have to self-love,” Khang said. “It takes a while, but you’ll get there. People will always be there to guide you and help you be comfortable.”

In second place was Jacob Fulton, whose drag routine was propelled by the sounds of Gloria Gaynor and Celine Dion.

“A drag performer is what-ever you make of it,” Fulton said. “It is an escape from reality. You can be whomever you want whenever you want to be. It’s a fun way to make extra money too.”

UWO student Jacob Fulton bends over backward during his performance of “Mama J” Tuesday.
Lydia Sanchez
UWO student Jacob Fulton bends over backward during his performance of “Mama J” Tuesday.

Fulton said that listening to music with family and having a supportive family has helped him become the performer he is today.

“I remember when I was three or four and I was with my grandma and the little Vegas showgirl in me was always trying to envision what it would look like if I was the one performing,” Fulton said.

The third-place winner, Tabitha Prochaska, delivered an a capella performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”
“This is my second year participating in the talent show here,” Prochaska said. “I’ve done many open mics around my hometown, along with participating in school musicals and talent competitions in high school.”

Prochaska said she hopes that music will play an instrumental role in her day-to-day life.

“I am actually studying elementary education, but throughout my life I’d love to incorporate music in my teaching somehow, along with just doing music on the side,” Prochaska said.