Greeks game to raise money


Jack Tierney

Video game participants strategize in group mode of the popular video game “Fortnite.”

Jack Tierney , Campus Connections Editor

The multicultural Greek organization Omega Delta Phi hosted a five-hour video game tournament in the basement of Horizon Village where participants had the chance to win a GameStop gift card.

Each participant was offered the chance to play in either a competitive or noncompetitive bracket.

Event coordinator Lucas Meixner said they featured the video game “Fortnite” because of its popularity and availability.

Meixner said the event was preliminary for something bigger to be held in the future. He said the turnout was good for how they marketed it.

“We know the excitement around all these types of video games, and we were specifically thinking about the bigger pop culture stuff that would pair well with something fun to do on campus,” Meixner said.

Students focus on the screen as they play games.
Jack Tierney
Students focus on the screen as they play games.

He said the tournament was a good stress-relieving option for students like himself who might be facing a challenging end of the semester.

Omega Delta Phi member Shawn Bell said his fraternity loves donating to their philanthropy, and the video game tournament could be something that helps them do that.

“This was more a test run to see what we can make and then in the spring we can make up an idea of promoting costs,” Bell said.

Meixner said Omega Delta Phi doesn’t have much money, and events like video game tournaments can bring in more money. He said they offer things like competitive and noncompetitive brackets at their events so that all students can join.

Omega Delta Phi member Imran Islam said playing video games is something that’s common on campus. He said this is the first event Omega Delta Phi has brought to campus that is usually done at home.

“We haven’t had an open gaming tournament event like this that we set up with other people, which is nice to have,” Islam said. “We see the potential for more people to come by in the future.”

Students focus on the screen as they play games.
Jack Tierney
Students focus on the screen as they play games.

Islam said there are many benefits to students who want to participate in an event like this.

“I know there are a lot of introverted people who like to game,” Islam said. “I know there are a lot of people who have never gamed before that would like to try out new things, so it’s a good way to intersect the two spheres and build a stronger connection on campus.”

Islam said “”Fortnite”” is a tactical survival shooter game that people can play in groups, in pairs or individually. He said the goal is to be the last team, person or duo standing.

“It’s a team game that you can play in different modes, which takes a lot of teamwork and helps build unity,” Islam said. “Something like this where you are in the same room together allows you to be more interactive.”