CBD products are offered to help, not to cure


Jack Tierney

Your CBD Store inventory manager Jacob Trone handles the day-to-day operations and welcomes all new customers to CBD products. Jacob’s knowledge of CBD products has helped people in Oshkosh find relief.

Jack Tierney, Campus Connections Editor

Those looking for a wholesome alternative to their pharmaceutical pain relievers are finding a natural fit in cannabidiol.

CBD is the active chemical in medical marijuana that helps reduce symptoms like depression and anxiety, according to WebMD. Some CBD retailers claim their products improve people’s sex drives, alleviate tumors and help cancer pains.
Your CBD Store on 300 S. Koeller St. in Oshkosh is one of many stores in Oshkosh now offering CBD products.

Your CBD Store is a national corporation headquartered in Florida. It was founded by Rachael Quinn, who suffered from Crohn’s disease.

“When prescription medications didn’t provide relief from the symptoms, a friend suggested she try CBD oil. She did, and within a few weeks, the symptoms were under control, and she had regained her quality of life,” the company website read.

“It wasn’t until June 25, 2018, that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recognized cannabidiol as a real medicine by approving Epidiolex, an almost pure pharmaceutical CBD formulation, as a treatment for two sever pediatric seizure disorders,” projectcbd.org’s website read.

CBD products must fall under the 0.3% THC threshold established by law. By forgoing the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol component, users will not endure the “stoned” feeling. Because there is limited to no TCH and no getting stoned, many first-time cannabis product users of are finding a home in CBD products.

Walgreens told the Consumer news and Business Channel on March 27 they will offer CBD products in 1,500 stores throughout select states nationwide. The announcement came just weeks after CVS decided to start offering CBD products, including creams and topical lotions, at their stores.

CBD stores have been exposed throughout media for making false claims of guaranteed success. Mindful owners like Your CBD Store inventory manager Jacob Trone are doing their part to make sure CBD products stay in the golden light of media.

“We consider ourselves the help without the hemp,” Trone said. “We have customers who come back repeatedly because our products work, but I would never label a guarantee on any of our products.”

Trone said he has benefitted from CBD products in numerous ways.

“I used to have acid reflux eight out of every 10 meals I would eat, now I don’t,” Trone said. “I used to get pains in my shoulder, now I don’t. When I would sit down for a long period of time I would get sore, now I don’t.”

Your CBD Store offers creams, mud masks, candy gummies like peach rings and Twizzlers, vaporizing oils, pet products and more.

Trone said their selection is extensive because the people of Oshkosh want different solutions. Trone said some of their products taste like hemp because CBD derives from hemp, and there is no getting around that earthy flavor. Offering topical creams and transdermal patches is a way for customers to circumvent the distasteful hemp flavor.

“The thing with this store is we’re going to have the products,” Trone said. “We’ve changed things here in this store because we want to have the best CBD selection we can.”

Trone said they do their best to prescribe products on an individual basis. Chemists have dosage amounts listed on the back of the corporate-and FDA-approved products, but Trone said he sees peculiar cases at times and uses his knowledge as a CBD provider and a person who works closely with farmers and chemists to tailor the product in exactly the right way.

“We had a person come in and look for medicine for a horse,” Trone said. “We had never done that before. But I used what I knew to offer them the best solution, and it worked. They came back, and they were happy.”

“We have customers who come in and suggest things that work to us too. One time we had a cat owner come in and tell us how their cat was too small to eat the edible CBD products. So she bought oil and infused it into the cats food. It worked, and the customer was happy. Now we know to suggest things like that to customers who may not know.”

Your CBD Store products are made using the highest quality, organically grown hemp from colorado that has been certified by the states Department of Agriculture, the store website said.

Trone said he would never push a customer into something they weren’t comfortable with. He also said he has numerous customers and first-time users who would testify for and support their CBD products. At any time, Trone said he would be happy to help first-time cannabis users and customers who are curious about the new and fast-growing industry.

“I’m always here, and we’re always going to be here,” Trone said. “We just want to help those who need the help.”