“Zoom” exhibition features a playful spin on COVID-19

Lexi Langendorf, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed many things in our everyday lives.

For many of us, the use of video platforms such as Zoom, Collaborate Ultra, Microsoft Teams or FaceTime has become part of our daily routines, whether it be a necessary part of our job, education or the way we stay in touch with friends and family.

Courtesy of Lexi Langendorf | This printmaking and mixed media artwork by Gail Panske is one of 13 items in the exhibit.

The Gail Floether Steinhilber Art Gallery in Reeve Union is currently hosting “Zoom,” an ArtSpace Collective Members Exhibition, until March 5th.

The exhibit features self-portraits created by current members of ArtSpace Collective. Each member created a representation of themselves attending a Zoom meeting.

The artists were inspired by the multitude of things that can occur during video conferencing, including adding photos and special effects to their video image.

Original artworks were created using a variety of media including oil and watercolor, printmaking, fiber, drawing and mixed media.

Participating artists and current ArtSpace Collective members are Cristian Andersson, Deb Bartlet, Jim Evans, Deb Konen, Pat Filzen, Bill Greider, Sue Hazelberg, Renee Koch, Kevin McGannon, Gail Panske, Dane Pecore, Mel Kolstad, Jason Ryf, Barb Rosenthol and Stephanie Whittaker.

Courtesy of Lexi Langendorf | A drawing by Bill Greider displaying his own representation of himself attending a Zoom meeting.

The Gail Floether Steinhilber Art Gallery is located on the third floor of Reeve Union. To get there, come in through the Reeve entrance facing Evans Hall and go up the flight of stairs on your left. The gallery is at the top of the second flight.

The gallery is open during the 28-week academic year Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and weekends from noon to 5 p.m.

Works by local, regional and nationally recognized artists, as well as by the university’s students, faculty and staff are exhibited in the gallery.

The Gail Floether Steinhilber Art Gallery is committed to the enrichment of cultural life on campus, in the community and throughout the Fox Valley.

The gallery exists primarily to serve UW Oshkosh students and present work that is intriguing, inspiring, thought provoking, and at times socially challenging, yet always in keeping with the university’s institutional excellence.