Summer 2021 events: Will they occur in this ever-changing world?

Tom Antrim, Staff Writer

Many outdoor events are scheduled to take place this summer, pending the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many people are receiving their vaccinations and about one-third of the population is currently vaccinated.

Most outdoor events and festivals are planning their return, but there is a chance that things won’t work out with the nature of the virus.

According to the CDC, 32% of the population has received both doses of the vaccine.

Summer is right around the corner, and this year, Summerfest is scheduled to start in September.

Julie Dieckelman, a media relations representative for Summerfest, said in a press release that the festival was scheduled to start in June, but has been moved back a few months because of COVID-19.

She said that they are trying to listen to health officials to make the best decision for the public.

Dieckelman said in a press release that they hope that by extending the start date by a couple of months, more people will be vaccinated.

According to Dieckelman, this year Summerfest will be taking place Sept. 2-4, 9-11 and 16-18.

The music festival will occur during the first three weeks of September, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

According to the Summerfest website, Luke Bryan, Justin Bieber, Dave Matthews Band, Blink-182, Chris Stapleton and Guns N’ Roses have been announced for the event.

This year will have a variety of performers from all different genres to choose from.

Summerfest has built new stages for its performances this year.

Diekelman said on the company website that The American Family Insurance Amphitheater, Generac Power Stage and Northwestern Mutual Community Park are new additions to the festival.

Summerfest said on its website that if you bought general admission tickets last year, you can use them to attend Summerfest this year and additional performers will be declared soon.

Summerfest also said it plans on keeping the tradition of their wide variety of artists during the course of the festival.

Audiences will be able to see their favorite artists performing at the same festival with an extensive catalogue of music to choose from.

According to the Summerfest website, this year marks the 53rd anniversary of Summerfest and over 1,000 artists will be performing.

EAA is also preparing for its return this summer and they have many special events planned.

Their website says that the EAA event is scheduled to take place this summer from July 26-August 1.

The seven-day event will have things to do for all age groups and have activities to peak the interests of everyone.

The EAA website said that airshows will be occurring in the afternoon and on Wednesday and Saturday there will be airshows at night.

EAA was cancelled last year, as many other things were because of the unexpected global health crisis.

Last year would have been the 75th anniversary of the conclusion of World War II.

The EAA website said they plan on remembering the 76th anniversary of the ending of World War II by extending Warbird flying activities.

Only time will tell whether or not these events will occur due to the unpredictability of the novel coronavirus.

Hopefully this summer will be an event-filled season and pseople can start enjoying normal activities again.