Horror movies get modern remakes

Nolan Swenson, Sports Editor

Michael Myers is back in the theaters, a new “Child’s Play” T.V. Show and “Scream” is being revamped, that’s just scratching the surface of the Halloween remakes. Before jumping into these, it’s time to get familiar with the originals.

First we have the titular “Halloween”, with the star of the show being Micheal Meyers. This movie is impossible to simplify and incredibly easy to over-explain.

Michael Myers began his killing spree in 1978 after escaping from a mental hospital, and he began striking the town of Haddonfield, Illinois. On Halloween night he targets cops, promiscuous teenagers, and babysitters. His main target of the night is Laurie Strode; however, with the assistance of Michael’s psychiatrist and her insane wits, she’s able to survive the night, unlike seven other victims who died by strangulation, stabbing, and Michael’s brute strength. The series cut a lot of content, and a sequel was released where he escapes and resumes his hunt of Laurie and her family.

Next is the movie with the redheaded menace Chucky. He first appeared in 1988 in “Child’s play”. The film focuses on the relationship between a young boy, Andy, and his doll which has been possessed by the spirit of the murderous Charles Lee Ray. As the curse works, once Charles reveals to the boy that he is not just a simple doll, the boy’s body is the only vessel he is able to escape from the body of the doll to. The two have a dynamic that continues for about seven movies and has most recently cascaded into a show which has already begun releasing its episodes.

Finally, we have the origin of the Ghostface killer from “Scream”. The movie was extremely satirical on the horror genre, producing gems like “Please don’t off me Mr. GhostFace, I want to be in the sequel” and “not in my movie.” Set in 1996, the movie revolutionized the idea of a serial killer, tech savvy and cunning, not relying solely on brute force comparable to other slashers. Seeing as how the movie is getting a remake and not a sequel, all I’ll say relating to the plot is this: get ready for a ride.