‘Fresh on the Fox’ opens at SWRC

Cory Sparks, Editor in Chief

The UW Oshkosh Student Recreation and Wellness Center or SRWC has a new addition. The Fresh on the Fox smoothie is up and running — pun intended.

The stand had its grand opening Oct. 26, but it was operating a couple of weeks beforehand as Aladdin Campus Dining worked out some last-minute details.

Lexi Wojcik- Kretchmer / Advance-Titan
Brittany Adelmund and Rachel Seidl making healthy smoothies at Fresh on the Fox. The SWRC recently opened up the smoothie bar based on a survey from 2020.

The stand is located on the right side of the SRWC entrance, near the lounge area.

Carese Walczyk, wellness dietitian for Aladdin, said the smoothie bar was created after a student survey showed students wanted another campus dining option. Within those results, smoothies came up a lot in terms of what this new dining option should include.

“The idea behind setting up a smoothie bar at the SRWC came from a survey that was done in 2020 asking students what they would like to see in a new food venue on campus,” Walczyk said. “The No. 1 response to that survey was smoothies. Since this would be added to the SRWC, we wanted to be sure that Fresh on the Fox would fit into and complement the emphasis on wellness and health.”

Brian Warzynski, the assistant university dining director, said he saw the recent influx in interest about putting healthy things into one’s body as a perfect opportunity to bring the smoothie stand back, He also said the appeal in the stand’s location is the view out of the windows and the fact that it was a popular gathering place already.

“As students evolve and worry about their health, we want to be there for them too,” Warzynski said. “So much now is being conscious about what we put in our bodies, which is great to see. With the area vacant it was an easy win for everyone on campus.”

Anthony Wirth, SRWC associate director, said the smoothie stand added an extra element to the facility. In fact, the front portion of the building is no longer the vacant area that it used to be since the smoothie bar is a main attraction there.

“Students are stopping on their way out after working out, but we’re also seeing people coming here as a destination for smoothies and other healthy food,” Wirth said. “It’s added more use to the area in the front of our building. Folks can take their food and do homework, look out at the river, cozy up next to the fireplace or watch something on our big screen.”