Titan TV experience bolsters job portfolios

Cory Sparks, Editor in Chief

Cory Sparks / Advance-Titan
Brady Meyer and Chandler Brindley prepare for the 4 p.m. news show that airs every Friday. They cover campus and national news, as well as campus sports and Division I sports.

The UW Oshkosh campus television station, Titan TV, covers a variety of campus events and offers opportunities for students who have an interest in student media.
Titan TV covers home games for campus sports, holds a live news show on Fridays at 4 p.m. and currently has a show called “Crappy College Cooking” which airs new episodes on Fridays at 4:30 p.m.

News and show sets are shot on the first floor of UWO’s Theatre Arts Center, while sports feeds are shot on location.

Whether somebody wants to shoot camera, edit recorded material, be on-air talent, direct, produce, create graphics, promote or do any other imaginable role typically performed on or off set, Titan TV has those spots available for the coming semester.

Sports Director Eric Krueger is somebody who got hands-on experience with manning cameras for UWO men’s and women’s basketball games last year. After getting comfortable with handling equipment that professional teams use, Krueger said he felt equipped to apply for the position he currently holds as sports director.

“My first experience with Titan TV was during the spring 2021 semester when I decided to run camera for the men’s and women’s basketball games,” Krueger said. “Because of the experience during that season, I decided to apply for the sports director position and was lucky enough to be chosen for the job. Here we are nearly a year later, and I have loved every minute of it.”

News Director Brady Bierman said the station is an opportunity for students to run all operations while working as a team. He also said that the access to industry-standard equipment makes the experience valuable for those wanting to work in the media production field.

“Titan TV is a student-run and student-produced TV station, meaning that students are in charge and are responsible for creating shows and meeting deadlines,” Bierman said. “We have access to industry-standard technology that many major news and media outlets use, so we can learn the equipment before we enter the job market.”

Promotions Director Bailey Laird said he has already received some recognition for his work with Titan TV. Laird said the station serves as a place where creative thinkers can have their ideas materialize into a full-blown production.

“I have already won some awards for my promo in my time as promotions director for Titan TV,” Laird said. “It is great for us up-and-coming storytellers.”
Along with there being numerous producer positions available for upcoming shows, the positions of station manager, programming director, promotions director, news director and sports director are all available in the upcoming fall semester.

While spots on Titan TV’s executive board can help load one’s resume, Krueger said the hands-on experience one gets when working on set is just as important.
“As nice as a position on the Titan TV Executive Board looks on a resume, the best thing about the job is the experience that you get while working on the crew,” he said. “Whether you are directing, working in master control, running camera or working either play-by-play or color, the experience is amazing.”

Bierman said one of the main reasons he got involved with Titan TV, and one of the reasons he has stayed, is the welcoming nature of those already involved. He then fell in love with the grind of cranking out content with other motivated individuals.

“I first joined Titan TV because I was drawn in by the friendly atmosphere and the amazing students and staff that are a part of the station,” he said. “I then fell in love with the technology and creativity in the station and found my passion for creating and producing content.”

Laird said he has learned how to successfully add Titan TV to the juggling act of his college career, and in the process, has learned what it means to be a team player.

Beyond technical skills specific to his position as the station’s program director, Laird said he has learned about something that is crucial in all job markets: accountability.

“I think the three major things that have helped me feel more prepared in this job market are patience, balance and accountability,” he said. “Being held accountable and holding your teammates and peers accountable is super important to a healthy and productive environment in any field. [It’s especially important] in a massive network of creatives.”

Krueger, who is graduating in December 2022, said he feels much more confident about heading into the job market after his experience with Titan TV.
“The experience that comes with working on crews and working in a team setting to get broadcasts done is something that makes me more prepared to go into the job market,” Krueger said. “I am very happy that I will be able to look back and draw from the experience that I got here.”

For those who are on the fence about joining Titan TV, Bierman said the requirements are more related to one’s mentality than anything else.
“Titan TV is full of opportunities for all students who are eager to learn,” Bierman said.