Letter to the Editor: Prevent the spread by charging mask purchases to your student account

Emma Bohren, Letter Author

As the semester comes to an end, UW Oshkosh students have become used to wearing masks everywhere on campus. As students struggle to pay for their education, students should be aware that any mask purchase on the UWO campus can be charged to their student account.

With masks being required everywhere we go, most of us have purchased multiple masks to ensure they are clean or in case we misplace one here and there. Many college students don’t have extra money to spend on masks. During this pandemic many companies have realized that they can raise prices of masks because they are in such a high demand . While that allows companies to make more profit, it also means college students across the nation are struggling to pay for tuition and other costs.

If students would like to buy a one-time or reusable mask on campus, they can find them in two places on the Oshkosh campus: University Books and More and The Corner Convenience Store.

Once you have picked out a mask that you think will fit you and your style best, go to the cash register and give the cashier helping you your student I.D. By giving them that, they are able to access your student account and Titan dollars. Be sure to tell the clerk to charge it to your student account. Masks that are charged to a student account will show up on your Titan web account, in the same place your tuition balance can be found.

By charging masks to student accounts, students have more time to pay for their purchase or possibly have financial aid cover it. That could give students an extra $2 to $10 a month to put toward food or rent.

Being able to charge masks to a student account is a great feature that UWO has implemented during this global pandemic. By having this resource many students don’t have to worry about finding money on the spot to buy a mask.