Rec and Wellness Center makes new COVID-19 restrictions

Mattie Beck, Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

The Recreation and Wellness Center has increased restrictions since some gym patrons were not complying with COVID-19 policies meant to keep people safe.

As in the past, masks are still required and must be properly worn covering both nose and mouth. They are allowed to be taken off when taking a drink, changing and showering.

But the biggest change in requirements is how the basketball courts are operated, as there is no longer an open gym all day long.

The three-court gym is now only open 4-6 p.m. Monday-Friday and will always be monitored by staff.

“We had to close the three-court gym and basketball/volleyball checkout because there were too many violations occurring,” UWO senior and Rec and Wellness Center staff member Jordan Williams said. “It was completely out of control and no one would listen to us.”

The staff isn’t the happiest about this new change, Williams said, because it’s more work that could have been avoided if policies had been followed in the first place.

“We strive to make the gym a safe and inclusive environment, but it becomes difficult when we don’t have student support,” she said. “I wish we did not need to have the three-court gym provisions in place, but it is what we have to do right now to keep our staff and students safe.”

Williams said staff wants the gym to be a place that is accessible and safe for everyone to come and enjoy.

The limited court time will be in place until more people comply with their policy, she said.