The Impact of Student Media

Amber Brockman, Managing Editor

Why Student Media Matters
Student media is not only beneficial for students to get hands-on experience — it also serves an important role on campus and in the community.

“What makes student newsrooms different is one of their greatest strengths: their adaptability,” a Poynter article states. “When your staff fully turns over every four years, there’s less pressure to do things the way they’ve always been done. There’s more room for radical change, new policies and experimentation.”

The historical events of this past year emphasized just how essential student media is in public discourse and keeping the community informed with accurate, unbiased information.

“Journalism holds the power to report facts, document history and inform public opinion,” a Hastings College Collegian article states. “Student journalism is no different — it provides a clue to the pulse of campus, reports the events and reflects on the experiences of students without bias.”

The video below highlights some of the reasons why people should care about student media.

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