Advance-Titan staff attends MediaFest conference in D.C.

The Advance-Titan staff attended the MediaFest 22 conference in Washington D.C. in October 2022. Students spent all their days attending sessions on  graphic design, photography, writing, how to cover protests and much more.

Then, at night, the staff explored the city and its attractions. Here’s some of what they saw and explored.

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  • Katie Pulvermacher/The Advance-Titan — The Advance-Titan staff goes through the airport to get to MediaFest 22 in Washington D.C.

  • Katie Pulvermacher/The Advance-Titan — The staff stayed at the Grand Hyatt on the 10th floor. Guests can lounge around, eat at the restaurant in the hotel, and find out about tourist spots at the information desk.

  • Katie Pulvermacher/The Advance-Titan — Keynote speaker Dave Jorgenson shares his journey of how he became “The Washington Post TikTok Guy” on Oct. 30 at MediaFest 22.

  • Katie Pulvermacher/The Advance-Titan — Second-year student Anya Kelley and fourth-year student Owen Peterson sit in a session at MediaFest22 and look through a copy of The Advance-Titan after learning tips on how to craft a successful newspaper.

  • Katie Pulvermacher/The Advance-Titan — MediaFest 22 presenter Michael Koretzky discusses how to effectively lay out a newspaper or magazine. His biggest pointer was to be bold with each decision.

  • Katie Pulvermacher/The Advance-Titan — The Advance-Titan staff walks through the city in search of things to do after the media convention sessions of the day.

  • Katie Pulvermacher/The Advance-Titan — The staff sits down to eat at Pi Pizzeria before stopping at a few tourist destinations.

  • Katie Pulvermacher/The Advance-Titan —Students Anya Kelley, Mattie Beck and Kelly Hueckman observe the night lights outside of the National Portrait Gallery.

  • Katie Pulvermacher/The Advance-Titan — A performer plays his guitar in the metro while tourists and locals rush between platforms.

  • Katie Pulvermacher/The Advance-Titan —Third-year student Mattie Beck and fourth-year student Owen Peterson look down the tracks for the metro.

  • Katie Pulvermacher / The Advance- Titan — Fourth-year student Owen Peterson falls asleep on the metro ride by third-year student Mattie Beck as the Washington D.C. trip concludes.

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