Students show knowledge in Black History Month Trivia

Ryan Taylor, Photographer

Students participate in trivia games during Black Student Union’s Black History Month trivia night.
Ryan Taylor
Students participate in trivia games during Black Student Union’s Black History Month trivia night.

Students had the opportunity Thursday to learn more about prominent black figures in the sports, music and film industries at the Black History Month trivia night.

The event was hosted by the Black Student Union and was open to all students.

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Senior and executive board member of the BSU, Kevin Cathey Jr. said these events were designed to commemorate black history.

“For Black History Month, the theme is making sure that we relive our past through our future and we are honoring our future,” Cathey said. “So we are trying to do events specifically that are dedicated to honoring the past.”

This event focused on a series of trivia games that challenged students’ knowledge with rewards for those who could answer the most questions or identify the most celebrity icons.

Student Nacacia Wardell said black history and culture should be discussed and expressed more throughout the year, instead of just during Black History Month.

“I think it’s just important for the black culture to be expressed, not only during Black History Month, but during every month,” Wardell said. “I think it’s important for other people to know and understand it, to celebrate with us.”

UWO sophomore Bristol Farrington said events like these are important for people who are interested in learning about ethnic groups that they might not belong to.

“It definitely gives me an insight into different cultures and how we can learn about different ethnic groups and how it can benefit us as well,” Farrington said.

Cathey said the BSU hopes to continue hosting these kind of events and wants to modernize how they spread awareness.

“For instance, we are doing events that are going to commemorate our Black Thursday event,” Cathey said. “All types of events that just make sure all students on campus are aware of our history, how we celebrate our history and how Americans in the country were, you know, brought about in general. We look at it as just educating the campus and having fun doing it at the same time.”

Black Thursday was a demonstration at UWO in 1968 in which 94 students confronted the president of the University with a list of demands that addressed racism on campus. This incident resulted in all 94 students, of all ethnicities, being expelled and served as a catalyst that sparked outrage in the community. Since then, every demand that was made has been met.

Other events the BSU has hosted for Black History month include “Steppin’ & Boppin’” lessons, “Soul Food Breakfast” and several speakers, with more events planned until the end of the month.

The BSU plans on ending the month with a Creole Luncheon in Reeve Union on Feb. 28.

Cathey said he wants to expose students to new knowledge about black history and culture for people to enjoy themselves and make new friends at the same time.

“It’s about just being able to engage with each other, making friends and meeting people in spaces that you not necessarily would’ve, you know, if it wasn’t for the Black Student Union,” Cathey said.