Business Coaching Q & A with Allison Garner

Christina Basken, Assistant News Editor

Q. What does it mean to be a business coach?

A business coach is someone who works specifically with folks who want to start up their own business, improve the culture of their organization or grow their business. Typically, we work on challenging the beliefs and assumptions that may be holding a business leader back from taking their business to the next level.

Q. What is your goal as a business coach?

I am a business coach who works with leaders, visionaries and business owners to uplevel their visions and then create a strategy to achieve them. I love witnessing change in people, so partnering with people as they intentionally change how they think and approach the world is a really exciting place for me to be.

Q. Why is this your passion?

One of my superpowers is connecting with people deeply and intimately, which allows my clients to feel safe to explore patterns, thoughts and behaviors they might like to shift. I believe that when people can see the barriers that may be holding them back that they can shatter them and realize the things they truly want in their life. I am passionate about believing in my clients even more than they believe in themselves.

Q. Why did you decide to be a business coach?

I came to business coaching after spending 20 years in a career that was fine but not fulfilling. In 2011, I was elected to the Board of Education in Oshkosh, and I got to feel what it was like to have impact. I really liked this feeling and wanted more of it. Coaching allows me to create massive impact in the lives of my clients and the people with whom they connect and work.

Q. What kind of impact do you make on the lives of other people as a business coach; why should people seek your help?

After working with me people realize immediate paybacks. Some of my clients double or triple their revenues, some grow their staff by 50 to 100 percent and some increase their fees by 10 times. These are the tangible results. The intangible results include lower stress, more energy, increasing their level of impact and creating momentum towards their bold vision.

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