TRIO celebrates 50th anniversary

Christina Basken, Assistant News Editor

Student Support Services TRIO Program celebrated its 50th anniversary by inviting the campus community to learn about its program at its One Stop Shop resource fair on Thursday, April 5 in Reeve Memorial Union.

The resource fair provided students the chance to meet and talk with representatives from different organizations on campus at interactive booths where students could ask questions and participate in games. Organizations including the McNair Scholarship Program, Reading Study Skills Center, LGBTQ Resource Center and the Counseling Center were present at this event.

The SSS TRIO Program is a federally-funded program that motivates and supports students from disadvantaged backgrounds in their pursuit of a college degree. TRIO programs provide students with academic tutoring, personal counseling, mentoring and financial guidance.

University Services Associate Dustin Wagner said the purpose of the event is to help students be successful by providing them with the resources they need.

“This event gives students the opportunity to actually visit all of the resources in one location,” Wagner said. “So, it’s a resource fair for our students where they get to come and visit with all of the different resources and learn about what they do.”

UWO student Kalee Klein said she wants to show students what the Reading Study Skills Center had to offer.

“I think there’s so many resources out there, but students feel lost sometimes because there are so many,” Klein said. “To be able to interact with people from those resources can be really helpful.”

SSS Peer Mentor, Gina Fullone, said she came to the One Stop Shop event to encourage and help other students.

“I’ve been in the position where you’re a first generation student, so it’s great for me to be able to be here at events like this to help other students get through what I’ve been through and help them,” Fullone said.

UWO student Katie O’Sullivan said this event helped her meet people on campus.

“I’m excited to use this event as a way to network with people and to get familiar with different faces so maybe I will be able to recognize people on campus,” O’Sullivan said.

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