UW Oshkosh to host annual study abroad fair

Holly Gilvary, News Writer

The Office of International Studies will be hosting a study abroad fair from noon to 4 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 11 in Reeve Memorial Union.

Director of the Office of International Studies Jenna Graff said the study abroad fair will showcase hundreds of study abroad, study away, student exchange, service-learning abroad and intern abroad opportunities for first-year through graduate students.

The programs that will be showcased vary in time from a few weeks to a semester or to a full year.

Graff said it’s important that students attend the study abroad fair so they can get to know all of the study abroad and study away opportunities that the University has to offer.
“The fair is the best place to learn what the full array of opportunities look like and will help students who are just beginning to explore options.” Graff said.

The fair will provide information on costs, financial aid, course options, program timing and more.

Graff said what students get out of their study abroad experience differs for everyone, but many of the students experience a lot of growth during their time away.

“Most students report that they grow personally in a way that they don’t believe they could have grown without the experience and that they see the world in a way that they could not have envisioned prior to their experience,” Graff said.

UWO junior Olivia Downs said she had a great experience studying abroad on the Australia and New Zealand Leadership and Culture program for three weeks last January. She was enrolled in Liberal Studies 331.
“It’s such a resume-building, personality-building experience,” Downs said. “You grow a ton. You become so humble by seeing the world around you.”

Downs also said she encourages fellow students to keep an open mind about study abroad.

“A lot of students walk in [the Office of International Studies] thinking that nothing’s gonna work for them or it’s gonna be too expensive or it won’t fit with their major, but you’d be surprised by the amount of programs that are offered [and] how reasonable things can be as well,” Downs said.

UWO junior Cassie Xiong said she hasn’t had the opportunity to study abroad yet, but she’s looking for programs.

“I just think it’s a great opportunity while we’re in an undergrad because for the most part it’s a lot cheaper than going by yourself or in a grad program or something like that,” Xiong said. “So definitely making sure to go to the study abroad fairs, contacting any study abroad counselors or advisers or things like that and also just listening to the experiences of other students that go abroad. They’re always amazing, and it definitely makes me very envious of them.”