Fall crawl passes with sparse conflict


Lydia Sanchez

UWO students participate in pub crawl by celebrating in the front yard of a student’s home.

Calvin Skalet, Editor in Chief

The annual Oshkosh pub crawl event took place on Saturday. This year the event saw few incidents compared to previous years.

According to Lt. Kevin Konrad there were 83 ordinance violations which included underage drinking and open intoxicant violations over the weekend.

In the fall of 2015, there were 100 citations and 10 arrests issued by Oshkosh PD during pub crawl.

Konrad said there were three motor vehicle citations and two jail arrests, one of which was for an outstanding warrant.
UWO police officer Trent Martin said while pub crawl is always a popular weekend, the plan never changed for officers on duty.

“Our safety action plan didn’t change at all from past events to this year,” he said. “We deploy officers to known busy areas on and around campus and mitigate any issues that may be associated with pub crawl by simply being present and available for calls.”

Martin said there were no incidents that would put the campus community in continuous fear or danger.